Wave pushing the visible, transparent, seaweed 
Rocks holding the seaweed, in their dance 
the tunnel underwater, showing a time without a notion 
no making of an imitation,

cave in the under water mountain
quickly rocking over stones, with a smile to
Charlotte the queen, of the world,
caught by the tide,
of a turquoise motion,
tiny sparkles, in the air,
like tranquil, moving action 
leaving all despair 
as, a floating dedication
the water coming higher still
not withstanding, any deterioration,

 red animal

Bending of a Rock 
collaboration of every drop
purling around a corner 
every ripple rolling up, 
The must have of an inside shell
gleaming sensation, of the sanded glass 
Yellow Wagtail on the dash
 as i blend into a rock surface 
flight before the click, of a screen/button/shutter

written impression before the tide

it finally bounces on the surface
Read a book,
yet they walk away to, later perhaps 

The seagull watches the shiver on the sky,
nobody could have seen it but the camera,
the never ending flow of feet makes me say
time to go.

Dedicated to an impression of a rock of Georges Seurat
the words melt into the vagueness of an undefined reality
it does not allow different distances to be simultaneously in focus they just pass by



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