bridge of life

A tiny connection lining the groves of a Rock full of spikes.
For a short reflection to reach across the building blocks of life.
The fleeting reaction, of a linked existence full with elegance.
That special interaction stretching over the vigour parts of being. 

bridge spikes

A spanned story, of entity. The hidden vitality, of support.

written landscape

A grumbling over never the same, Arch, as movement is permanent.
The silence of emptiness, fading along the horizon.
The little fishing boat, with a line of ‘can i have some’.
A distance change of colours, the light travels along the sky reflecting the hidden bounty. 


A thousand specks on a glass, to converge the light rays, barely noticeable.
The passing by of time, to close me into a corner, never fast enough with the button, to capture, that perfect money-maker, which could be handy for the planting, that fine line between dream and perspective, just me and a tree, oooh heerlijke zaligheid, lets create a possibility.


We will never forget, something jumped, a bird out of the water, as the seagull pinched the fish in laughter.
I walk avoiding the hill, looking for blueBells ja ja ja.


Good morning dreaming of that perfect picture that can make an enormous amount of money. It gives people the impression of art in the age of technology of reproduction. A photo could make things happen in a time of economical despair, a non violent contradiction of modelled utopian. A name, a price, a company, a perhaps, but in the end a quick simplicity of make belief.  See here the photo i am talking about.
However when you take your time and stand still you might see something for no amount of money.
If you wonder what my dream actually is, i say land-art FOREST.


5 MEI 2013

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