Going down the beach at low tide creating a pattern in the sand with rocks, to let it all wash away by the high tide. Some thoughts on land art.

white rocks on black sand

white rocks on black sand


At times nobody sees the art at all, well no humans, art with no presence, art wit no attitude, no frame of mind. An impression on the landscape made from the landscape created in the landscape to perhaps remember how amazing the landscape is.

driftwood in a circle

driftwood in a circle

This lovely picture will be printed in a dairy for 2014, yet the stick is gone, the circle is broken.
Land art as a pretty picture, the photo is the art but, i am no photographer. Is it a documentation for the future of what it once was as nature vanish bit by bit while i write this down. Do i show the vanishing nature? As the art vanishes by an act of nature, the high tide.
Or do i remind you that art has no value as it will vanish one day, the value lays in that special moment, not in the staying.

as the water comes closer i have to rush

as the water comes closer i have to rush

As a land-artist you touches nature as nature touches humans. A stone is not just a stone as you take it in your hand and paint with it. It isn’t a sculpture placed in the landscape nor  a site related installation. The landscape is used as art, yet it is in the end just a picture of a line of stones.
We can’t sell nature yet we do it all the time, even the foot-step left behind in nature,we sell.

dancing seaweed written on stones

dancing seaweed written on stones

It represents real life it needs real touch, it demands contact. Not just an image.

leave it all behind
for no reason
give it no value
just the touch
of a


One thought on “BEACH ART

  1. However short-lived these are beautiful pieces, examples of what can be conjured on the shoreline with very little in the way of extraneous materials – gorgeous!

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