9 tiny OAKS

The best time to collect your seeds for planting trees for the BRIDGE LAND ART FOREST project is the autumn. You don’t need a small fortune to create a forest, take the time to collect and it will not cost you a penny.


storm coming

Embrace yourself and go out, autumn weather has sun and rain – perfect condition for collecting seeds to grow trees.
When I went out today I was very lucky and found just what I was looking for. Tiny little oaks, which are not oaks yet but are sure to become oaks in the spring as the acorns germinated already.
It will be hard to grow oaks from acorns if you don’t find ready germinated acorns, trees seem to be particular in when they want to grow and the germination is the start. In them small seeds a true chemical ‘factory’  is hidden that reacts to the light and therefor to the weather. Trees can’t walk away so they need to germinate at the very best spot. Underneath a different tree or right in the middle of a forest a young tree has to compete for nutrition and light and the chance of growing is therefor little.
An acorn usually waits for birds or squirrels to pick it up drop it by accident in a suitable spot. Humans can take over the bird’s role and look in the right spots for germinated acorns.


a collection of germinated acorns

At the edge of the forest or a hedge is the best spot, just look under fallen leaves. When you see tiny little roots coming out pushing the acorn open collect them together with some leaves and transport them in a plastic bag.


the tiny root pushing her way out into the world
to become one day a giant Oak tree

If you are just as lucky as me you will find the perfect soil for planting these little beauties, at your feet in the form of a mole hill. The moles have done all the hard work for you by making the soil fine and pushed it up for you to collect. The soil comes from a lower level with a good source of nutrition not too much, not too little.


mole hill soil

If you like to include some trees that feed animals and humans look for some wild fruits. While you eat the fruit you keep the seeds and plant them. It is a lot harder for them to grow so a good excuse is to eat lots of wild fruits; often they are healthier than their tame cousins. Autumn the time to build up that immune system ready for winter.


damsels (wild plum)

Trees and plants can’t walk away from climate change effects and we see more and more uncommon diseases. The best remedy for this is diversity. So if one gets effected by a disease others will survive. Not just diversity in the variety of trees will help but also in their gene-pool. Many trees we buy are from the same parent tree as big nurseries take lots of cuttings and seed from one tree only and grow them on in protected environments. The result is 100% success and no waist but weak trees.
A good idea is to collect the seeds in one place and plant the trees away – even far away – from the collected place, so you create a more diverse gene-pool. Most of the oaks these days in the UK came original from Europe after the ice-age. Northern Europe was replanted by acorns from Spain as nature doesn’t take any notion of countries and their borders.


planted acorns

To grow the trees any container will do as long it has plenty of drainage to prevent a swimming pool effect. I place the acorns on their sites cover them with a little soil topped with some leafs. Store them outside and leave them alone; just check they have plenty of drainage. A good idea is some protection with netting material like old panty hose or an old net-curtain to protect them from hungry mouses or birdies.
Now you have the whole winter to look for a good spot to plant them and to think about the land art you will create with them next year.



The nine tiny oaks that I planted today will find their final spot somewhere along a canal in the UK. It is the begin for a forest made as land art, planted by humans with the help of nature in this case the help of an oak tree and a Mole.

I have made contact with the Canal and River Trust to work together with them. At the start of this project in May I had no idea that it would lead to planting trees along the canals whilst cruising.  Life can turn strange corners and you end somewhere you never expected to be. Every dark cloud has a silver lining sometimes in the shape of tiny trees.

Als je deze herfst lekker in het bos gaat wandelen kijk dan naar de grond en niet omhoog. Kijk uit voor die kleine eikels op de grond en zeker die eikels die al een heel klein worteltje hebben. Je hebt dan zomaar een heel klein boompje gevonden die jij kan planten als een onderdeel van de BRIDGE natuur kunst.
Bomen planten als kunst en het kost je geen cent echt niet.
Als je verder kijk dan vind je misschien ook nog ergens een mol heuvel nou neem mee die grond want dat is zwart goud voor de eikels.
Thuis bij de kachel en met warme choco maak je potjes van wat je maar leeg heb knip er gaatjes in grond erin en de eikels en  hoepla klaar. Zet ze lekker buiten met een netje er over heen tegen hongerige muisjes en nu geduldig wachten tot de lente.

under the black
lays the source of feeding gold
waiting as art

any questions please ask in the comments next to this please share when we have 1000 people with 9 tiny oaks we have a forest with 9000 oaks


yes i did get wet but look what came with the rain