floating where the wild roses grow
drifting along the edge of time
reflecting motion


Where the leave touches the stream
soft mirror moving into a motion of no direction
playing with words of an other showing
where movement sees no end

Sweet smell of relieve
the oak tree bongos against the white shadow of a dream
let it come, let it go
the white bones on a tow embankment
with no cash,   machine
a string quartet of dead reflection


The last flatter before becoming a meal
the food is in you
downsize a system under bridge four
Nothing but an Elder bush
see the sky falling in a stream of mud
floating life of planting a 1000 trees along the edge
every tree a sentence of a water dream
nobody can even break it as it flows away from any attempt


Every one want to see the picture, not the dot of a detail
getting a slight impression of a wild rose
swan antenne
well Caroline had that sorted
its all water under the bridge
as the tiller swings
she is in
rising slowly above bridge five
Close the doors Emmy


a new home a new life a new gallery in the making as the market made it impossible to be small we bought a boat and drifted into an other realm to start trading as artists, to who ever will pass by
this is the beginning of a making of a gallery, which is a home and a piece of art
we all will find a way, one day, to beat the system

touch gallery became WÅNDERLUST
dAbe Art will be steering her
sorry it took me so long to come back but the water took me and brought me
there were the wild roses grow


7 thoughts on “WÅNDERLUST

    • Yes, a Narrowboat, we will be going along the canals of the UK and some of the rivers. Now i sit down to put some of my photos and poems into small books which i will be selling on the way.


      • How terrific and courageous to make a new beginning, ‘boldness has magic in it’ as Goethe said. Blessings and magic all the way down the waterways for you.


    • The boat is called Wanderlust after the very special song from Bjork. The water is brilliant not just the sound but also the reflections. On the moment we are busy to get her ready for the winter and making her into a piece of art. In spring i will be planting trees as a part of the Bridge where ever we find the right spot.


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