An early morning walk on 29 July starting at 04.55 in my own words of perception.

the early morning mist longed over water
dancing skimping in distance



over wildFlower meadow hovers
veil of most tiniest of tiniest drops
touching everything with a dust off water
minute water forming a needed
awakening to long warm day
while short night ends



many will be moved
as i look for colour
that past moment
2 summers ago
somewhere else
own creation of nature
total feeling comes again
as the dream wakes on a sliding hill
as a stream it will come again

every drop a story

every drop a story

feeling warmth of growing sun
glistering silver dust thousand sparkles in one

streaks of light over the blue canvas sky
breath silence in shallow traffic
an adoring moment



nobody here
nobody there
a flatter of silver bird Wings
stroke movement curling in the sky
what will the day bring


early bird

cool yellow rock
into shadow of doubt
a piece of land
mint marjoram bees
leave it all the same

ponds of drops

ponds of drops

you will not see
the end
from that bit

perspective of a moment

perspective of a moment

a late submission of a day gone


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