write it down

write it down

from here we slowly set of too much illusion
and from this we go further to nowhere no weather stopping us no movement
from here as well we go looking at very little motions
and from here we go towards hulling over an otherwise rise in movement
from no motion to slowly an action forwards perhaps  perhaps first a bit back flow towards
progress passing the onwards section on movement touching the flowing source of life
emotional manoeuvre  no hurry just go on swinging on current solution
tendency touch me stirring an inner connection from advance thinking
over to development  feelings  inspiring bustle
effecting the fluctuation she becomes excited an idea in movement
act upon herself reliance perhaps
a trend flows over in time running past all possible illusions
moving going going yet never ask where?
she will go as long the unfixed stays around she feels good
a propel behind her steers her in no correction go her own
no development she sees as her own prospect
she shift fast just goes on her current
her vision on nothing push forwards a momentum
a short slow moment in motion perhaps slow motion
you think to see her yet she disappear to nowhere
lets poke her prod her poke the site and
go on move further she goes and you go and all together
we move creating movement within agitation so to say
moment after moment we created last moment on a mountain
moving over a low hanging branch as we go on and on no stopping
over and over we never stand still until it is pop
late yet it was the moment of my life flow
that life is to show to go on



My first experiment of writing poetry in a different more visual way. The poem was written with the idea in my mind of the never ending running of our society never having time or taking time to stand still. The lines went in circles endless circles and i just kept on writing what ever came to my mind.


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