How she sank and sank like a reverse volcano, a shrinking mountain going down, flowing over water disappearing word, movement alters a certain swing, shift direction, she twist around her letters forming drifting sand

she coils, she wind, she never turn again
that mountainary plunge

she goes deep deep deep down her track
that mountainary path

she moves over over over on the other site
that mountainary push

she flows deeper deeper deeper down inside
that mountainary probe

she streams firmly firmly firmly folding over
that mountainary process

she drifts tough tough tough tumbling away
that mountainary poke

she beached her central part rolling over finalising edge where will she go, where will she grow, sinking sand, a trail of a short tale lowering down a turning page, lowering down a flowing line leaving just a guess of an ending below stirred surface, she face a certain way, flowing sand, flowing image

a poem connected to a land art project Written Water made with paper and sand in the canal




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