While reading the new ‘LandArt book’ Expeditie Land Art it occurred to me that magical word empty, in Land Art.
On page 89 you find the start of a description of the writers visit to Lightning Field from Walter de Maria.
What Walter achieved with this piece of Land Art is to create the experience of an empty field, a field which will stay empty for many generations to come.
Most fields will not achieve that, that immense feeling of emptiness.



A filed is never truly empty, bare, blank, deserted there is something always something. YET, it can give you that feeling of being purposeless, meaningless never unfinished.
Walter de Maria made sure to preserve that feeling in the whole of the creation and preservation of his work The Lighting Field.

People will say and did say this is no art but than was it his purpose to create art or was it to preserve a landscape on the brink of disappearing of this planet.
Due to his planting of metal rods you now can visit this place with just 5 others alone without; phone, tv, radio, books, magazines, internet for at least 24 hours to experience empty, silence, idle, clear vision.

Everything in our lives has some kind of monetary value yet the most important aspects of life appears to us free of any charge. It will not be for long and than when it is gone perhaps than we realise what we have sold.

i can see you

can you see


7 thoughts on “EMPTY

  1. Beautiful photos. You are talking about the lightening field in New Mexico. I have traveled in New Mexico but have not been to the lightening field. The night sky in New Mexico is so beautiful. It feels like you could lift up and grab a handful of stars in your hand. -Jill


    • Light pollution seems so sad to me. Here in Montana we can still see the stars and if you go into the country, you can see the milky way galaxy without a telescope. I have watched the Perseid Meteor shower from my back yard in town and have seen 50 or 60 meteors.
      I checked out the link for booking a trip to the field in New Mexico. Thank you for providing it. -Jill

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      • Where i am living on the moment light pollution is big and i miss the dark skies with the stars and the brilliant reflection of the full moon.
        Lucky i still have a small plot of land in Portugal right by the river where i can still reach the stars. My inspiration come from total stillness away from it all, they are precious places and it is my strong opinion we should create these places.
        You need to book well in advance a trip to the lightning field but it is well worth it, a true unique experience. It is much different than a trip to a museum.

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