Many people want to know what equipment i use to create the photos, well here we go.


The small tripod i hardly use, it is handy when making photos on eye hight to keep the camera still and in position.
A spare battery is a must, how often you find that perfect picture and than, oeps no go as the battery is empty.
The little ring with lights is when taking macro in early morning light or in shady spots to help the camera. At times it give too much a ring of lights visual in the photo.
The red thing right in front is, the cameras life saver, for when it goes pop in the water, while taking photos on the water surface. It has the site effect that it does stays wet after being filming under water, which force me to keep the camera in the air to dry out better.


The most important is the camera an Olympus Tough. It is the second one i got, they are just perfect in taking macro photos and are truly tough.
The camera almost always gets wet while taking them drop photos and it get bumped against all sort of things. The old one was dropped big time on rocks and all but is still going, only no longer water tight.
The new camera will be water tight for an other 7 months, the rubber rings will need to be replaced.

To get them drop photos you need to be mouse still and the object needs to be still. The slightest movement and the photos is blurred. Macro photography is a perfect way to do some mindful photography.
With the Olympus tough you can zoom into the drop really nice, the camera has several good options in the macro setting.
The nice thing about a small camera is the fact you can keep it totally still in your hand, helping you to get close to subjects that no large camera can find.
A photo like this is hard to achieve in the studio with a light box and other equipment.

The camera shows you things you never can see with your eyes in nature, no need to pick the mushroom to take it home.
Yep, it is a mushroom, a tiny mushroom known by the name Harefoot. The black lines are the spores which look like ink.

The computer does the final work on the photo. Sometimes i use an old but very good desktop publishing program to work with he photos and add text.
The note book is indispensable on the walks and expedities, while in the spot there and than i can find best the words to show the feelings.
Like any other artist, the land artist, needs to get to know the material/medium with which they work, in this case nature.
To get so close to nature sure helps to learn from it, with a different perspective.

Before the Olympus i had a Canon Ixus and for a short time the Canon powershot. The Ixus was much better than the powershot to take macro photos.
It was hard to explain to the people of Canon and other people what it was about the zoom ability in macro mode.
In the end the camera came to show what i ment and the young men recommend the Powershot, which in no way could do what i wanted.
Some months later i had an other try in an other shop at an other place and yep, this time the understanding was there.
So the Macro was the main function why it was chosen, but now the underwater possibilities give again an other perspective.

You see there is no need to invest large amount of money on equipment to get the photos, just the time and the stillness.


Spot found in 2002 landart made in 2009 photo taken in 2011 poem written in 2020

if you would like to see the place have a look virtual here:

and here

All copyright to rOOs Zwart


contrast in photos
contrast in journey



from pipes, good smoke, to watery lines
long shadows override lonely ride
push down followed by upwards pull
slow motion advanced sight


shadows of dawn

roar of motorwaaayyy going over inside chirping
certain warble takes distinction
accelerate vision
old creeping raising questions of contrast
still  filling airspace  



old verses new
giving  living space
stroll in with eyes wide open
leave with head in motionless thinking


human made

say inside contractions
it can be done
contrast of cultivated wild






river child

river dancing with light


river child living on the edge seeing beauty in a willow branch breathing rippling waves

river child boater floats drifting directionless towards  other site

river child balancing feet on every motion staring towards horizon

river child hearing cabbeling babbel of any waterline 


river child steering away from landsite entering motionless


river child timeless bender


my audience

This was my audience last Thursday while making photos and filming drifting feathers. They even joined me in the water.

The editing of the movie will take some time, some of the photos and poems you can see here.


Underwater Poem

an other try

Going back doing an other try, making an other, not.
Sticks stayed, dipper drift, tooooooo much debris, need to do it again.

waiting for an better moment

Sticks saved, put secure.
Waiting for the right weather.

The third try was ships law, 3 times lucky.


Line 1 and line 2




line 3 and 4 and 5









Finally the sticks stayed on the beach, not sure for how long.
The work was started at 7 in the morning in all peace without people.
On the way back people started to flow in with whatever they could carry.
The river beaches are a bit of a walk.

The poem will be a part of the Clean Rivers project, this September. What goes into the rivers here can go around many places in the world, even going around the world.
The poem is now in my garden and noting was left in the river, except my footprints, maybe.
The aim is to remind people of the beauty of the spot, without moralising.

Now i need to work on the film a new experience, which will take time.