Writers flOW

transcendent misty
write it says
so write
real writers flOW
river edging
canal acting river
an other vision

ducking away
eared rushing
willow wind
a key
towards a flow
over paper with pencil bow
rub nothing
it said
a drop on the fire

so far 21 photos with 8 poems need to write more but from 0 to 8 was Writers flOW

mOrning lightness

see the moon
when dark goes into light
you find
the best moments to be
mind surrounded by
you see hidden glory
morning light with
morning dew
showing you 
no wind
no disturbance
still hands without sweat
steering light away
compose the moment
leaving composition
leaving colour
you write what you see
you take the photo of your feelings
no illustration
no description


bOOk in the making

All ArtBooks should be unique in a certain way not a copy of an other copy and yet that copied over again.
So my next photo-poetry book will show only photos which are NEW and in the making. The poetry is slowly starting.


Above you see some very other equipment for the book. It is sooooooo much more fun to create new stuf time after time. Feeling free to try out, what you haven’t done before.

The inspiration came from Bjork and her song Black Lake.
Black stones/pebbles a piece of black wood found on the beach and that old saggy feather from one of the geese.
The lake was created with a glass of water. The slight green colour would create a slight touch of colour to the otherwise Black and White


With an experiment, you never really know the outcome, that makes it sooooo much fun.
The above photo and the other photos will not make it in the book.

bubbels in blur

The photos you see here, well you hardly see the feather and could not represent Black Lake, not the video nor the song.

Sometimes the green of the glass was/is just too much.
Today i went to some secondhand shops to get more glass equipment, with success. Yesterday found some more feathers.
The experiment will continue. Some of the photos i will share here but not the one for the book.
The book will be a limited print with certificate, thinking a number between 30 and 50. Which number do you recommend and why.