trial AND error

error monologue


different out look

While writing the book, sorry creating the book, you come against all sort of short comings.
The camera, the letter-fonds, the letter-colours, are giving me a challenge, which in a way are fantastic.
A true part of an artistic process. Many pages in the book are now different again.
On my way, walking while talking in my head (what will people think if i said it out loud) new ideas come to me. The poor camera has to deal with many impossible situations but some of the results are wonderful.

so enjoying this


Pure LandArt HandArt
being a solo dreamer
in LandScape beyond time
made by human hands
taken over by
natural claims


teeth mark in reAL
cold hands fleeing
feeling life
LandArt holding
disappears elsewhere

left behind

willow arch

just a perfect autumn day
searching for photos of the river
stumble over Beaver Land
fresh marks
in once human landscape
of coppiced willows


just a perfect day

To top it all of got the photos for the last 4 pages and the poems for the Photo-Poetry book.
just a perfect day

bacK GrounD

It can be really hard
to create a background
for a Poem

should it be
a blur
or just
a colour

something more recognisable
it take over the words
it become too much for the eye

one site of the book that Photo
the other site black on white
let the words dance in a
none depicting photo
to create a photographic
experience inside the words

went out and about to reflect
on just that
taking photos
of the place where most photos
of the photo-page
were taken

now we will try it all out

it will take time

Photography IS Art

The #PhotographyIsArt gives some nice results with some great surprises. The idea that photography is more than a click of the finger is not new, it is as old as photography itself.
Photography is more than just one moment, you can create that one moment. Take the time to find that one moment.

different moment

Experimenting with leafs to create a picture, like experimenting with paint. Putting a leaf on a glass plate sprayed with water. To play with light reflection by using aluminium foil under the glass plate. To create a picture, not a moment.
All this experimenting came from the encounter of a drifting leaf in a pond.

the natural way

Seeing or maybe better a certain vision stands central in most artistic expression. Photography as art shows an artistic expression what you not always see. You create the photo not taking a photo. The camera does not create it, at times it shows you what our eyes don’t focus on. In this case the reflection of the skeleton leaf by not focussing on the leaf but on the water.
The glass plate reflection will never become the same as the natural way, a different perspective of a found object. One found laying on the pond the other found, wherever, placed in position.

totally different

Sometimes you use the camera to create something more surreal, out of control, making without knowing what you are making.
Looking at the result, not really knowing how it got that way. The above photo let you see something different inside a glass of water.
Virtualisation of reality, making, creating abstract expression without aim.

leaf on paint

You never can predict what people like no matter the use of composition, colour, framing etc. etc.. At times people like something that makes you wonder. The above photo became the most populair photo from me on Twitter, why? perhaps that is the art of photography, you never know the exact outcome.

Twitter is certainly a place to learn