Outer wOrld

found a rainbow

found a rainbow
under sky
tiny way bending
for certain vision
what was is not there
she remains silent
made by sunrayes
whatever wherever
you look


the best photos you will find outdoors, in the fresh air
take the time, find the tranquility, to look
a perfect way, for finding inner peace 

an outer world shows only the fast perceived reality
a green jacket over a purple shawl does not show the
person underneath, the persoon does not show
their inner self to you, nor me

only when you take the time
you can find something behind
the outer world




The first book is not yet finished but the second book is already in the making.
How we search for them words.
This time while doing the dishes, listening to music.
A real word flow came.

word flow

Somebody asked if we poets, still use notebooks.
Notebooks are for me well.
I could not write poetry without notebooks.


All of the notebooks will not fit in 1 photo.
I also could not write poetry without
dictionary as English is not my first language.
That makes it much more interesting as you can use the language
from a different perspective.
Creating a new expression in words.


A poem made in 2003
how i feel about the city
they call it concreet poetry
perhaps collage is better
exploring found pictures
with found words
to express a feeling

The very first poem was written in 1986
but will not show it
it was straight from the heart
looking for a place to be
it is the poem laying open
perhaps you can see it


the title of the next book will be
the above photo didn’t make it
yet it has something
and that something will be found
in words and

photo ExprEss

see through

express so
to reveal what lays
hidden for our eyes
it says little
shows tiny within tiny


fine not necessarily clear
sunny perhaps delicate maybe
acting with a creative mind
avoiding rules
fine art photography


concept finding
in an ordinaire place
within any object
no need to be perfect
beauty is everywhere
to be found by looking where nobody looks
the camera technology as a tool


colours no colours little colour
you decide as artistic photographer
angle light
you decide
best result come unexpected
beauty through experiment
inspiration flows from all sites inside insight 


The book is one site poetry the other site photography on all site coming from artistic expression.
Photography can be creative, artistic, said so before. You use creativity without an end, you always find a new way.
Therefor browsing the internet, seeing inspirations, doing it different for the second book.
Still the same an other subject, other experiments.
The photo ‘Cur’l is one of them, only not good enough.
Here is a link to some interesting macro experiments.


sure worth a try