japanese inspiratiOn


looking for
silence, balance, odd
looking for
dynamic, trinity, attitude
looking for
diagonal, vertical, horizontal

silence within

finding out
serenity, stillness, sensitivity
finding out
tranquility, transient, tangibility
finding out
quietly, quest, quality


composing them
word, sentence, stanza
composing that
composition, Nara, force
composing the
creatures, heaven, earth

For inspiration i often go to the Japanese Gardens, their design, their elements, their contemplation.
In our hush and rush of modern life, we look for balance in calmness. We put our foot down on silent ground, searching for what we lost. 
The secret hidden corner in which to shelter, i seem to find in photos and poetry, photo-poetry.
The poems are not always Haiku, only sometimes. The free-style fits me best, sometimes just 3 words, other times 3 lines and no number just flowing of words into an expression.

Somebody i follow on twitter shares some beautiful videos and photos while walking his Bodercolly in Japan.
Have a look

You can virtually visit some of the gardens here

Perhaps you recognise it in the photos, maybe not. Inspiration is not always about making a copy. Inspiration, will spur you into action, a stimulation to create something similair but not the same.
Copying is the easy way out, leaving out the challenge, leaving out your own concepts.

Finalising here with the title of the third book, making it into a trilogy of photo-poetry books.


will let you know where that came from, next time


river edge Salix

The second Photo-Poetry book has as title and as subject Salix, why?

sal near
lis water
according celtic assembly
perhaps however maybe not


stil inspiration came not
from words
from names
it comes
from Strength
from Endurance

pioneer in hart and soil
by evolving with growth hormones
yes, hormones, rooting powder hormones, growing against all odds
stick Willow stick in soil for your eYES

keep on going on

nature bends, pulls, push, crush and eats
every bit of Willow, as she alters her appearance from standing to hanging
she grows on and on giving strength to others
releasing pain

giving creative place
 showing down the river site where nature goes her own way
no human hands sanding in the woodgrain
leaving behind endless marks
Willow safes our dikes, makes our baskets, homes, chairs and so much more
not anymore we can let it grow


with past in her branches she carries on hollowed out
growing into space for others in her midst 
birds, butterfly, beatle, bee, damsel, mole, toad, badger, rat, sing all wind in the Willows
seen cows joining donkey, horse, goat, chicken, scarecrow, singing Willow song

wise woman hangs her hands down to watersite dreaming
ask her anything she will write the answer in water lines
binding parcels to your door to grow in tree mostly unknown
shadows shred common sights


The photos are mainly, once again, macro photos showing what most will not see.
You go inside an other world, tiny, underneath the power. Every photo giving way to experience inside natural river edge living.
The last photo happens by surprise i sat for a while to see it again ready this time with camera in landscape mode.
Is it a bore?
Somehow water came like a roar in a straight line inside the delta, away from the river.
Sitting there the rest of the day gave no clear answer it stayed perhaps?
The bore made me look at the Willows and made me realise their strength in a different way.
So it goes.

here follow some interesting links to mesmerise on
this tree as art

Willows for Wildlife

Wind in the Willows a different story to tell

and some info for your garden with Willows

Have a nice week-end


blue rose

She stood for trial
testing several options


trying colours within
skilful adaptation under

almost b&w

looking for that one particle
for whatever reason it will

an other almost B&W

She still will not let me
no matter how we knock

a song

experimental imagination under
looking for wild horses
in desert landscape

Been doing some more experimenting for abstract reality, if you have read so far you can read the secrets behind them trial and error.
The last blog was telling about subject, the subject here is a crystal, a desert rose, how appropriate.
The opposite of dry sandy landscape is a watery landscape with a certain flow, dropping the rose under.
What bind them together is perhaps glass, made from sand, holding water.
Photographing inside, refelcting the oudoor light with simple foil, crumbled up, stretched out.
The true try out are the colours, playing with filters.
The camera has some odd options in the filter menu, some made me laugh out loud. Yet, these photos are taken with just one filter, altering the filter for each photo.
So tell me what is your favourite???

 Some of the words from the poem came from music i was/am listening to, some have therefor little meaning towards the photo.


curl in black and white or perhaps in shades of black

Meaning the thing that is being discussed, considered or studied.

Every artist picks a subject and start to consider, study and discuss, that subject.
Altering that subject.
Twisting that subject.
Finding that subject.
Looking time after time at that subject.

seeing that subject

Changing that subject to what they think, to what they feel, to what they want to see, experimenting left, right and centre.

An artist i know well and have seen developing, creates one subject time after time. The subject has a story to tell, which is shown time after time.
Yet the subject is altered each time it is created. You can see it on the website .

Yet, some artists change their subject and flow from one subject to the next subject still showing some recognition.
Look at the art of Vincent van Gogh and see what i try to say.
Others change completely, going from music into painting. They often flow the two gendre into each other, painting on music, composing music for a painting.

Each artist decide along the way, moving from one to an other. Some create, certain art to sell and certain art to give away.
Its all up to you, yourself, but that will be also the hardest thing to do.
The two artists mentioned here took their own direction, one harder than the other still their choose.


no altering

what you see, is not what i see
what you see tomorrow, will not be what you see today
even it could be, the same
everybody can become
that artist

i am working on it, to develop the subjects, to choose the subjects and than, who knows what  will be found.

NEW rOad

going on that new road

Last year, with the number 2020, was hard going on a road with many road blocks, with many roadworks on the way.
It started good with a successful exhibition, which was the start of more exhibitions that year. We know what happened, cancelled. Like many other artists, i stood almost still.

It gave time to experiment, to learn, to challenge oneself, by oneself.
It gave the time to look at what now, before turning into an other direction, onto a new road.
How better time to start than in the first month of the new year.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA curling up in sparks

As an artist the making of the art, or is better to say creating of the art, is the most important, however without selling no creating. Sorry to say, its al about money in the end.
A previous post was telling about photography as art  yet did you ever wondered how a land artist became a photographer, wel its easier to sell the photo than the land art. It is much easier to exhibit the photos than the land art.
From thereon the road wind around photography and exhibitions, to come to that particulair roadblock last year.

The subsidies taps were running dry to create land art in the first place, the road went more and more in that direction of photography as Art. The by track became poetry, you know that little road next to the road where people wander in a more slow motion.
AND so here we are at that road block to turn once again into a different road.


Many art organisations have the doors closed, frimly closed for some, meaning the doors will not open again. 
Many artists have moved the studios into their homes and had to come up with new ideas, new way to make that nasty part of the business and that is sell.
INTERNET became the connecting word, also for this artist .
I am now in the process of creating a portfolio for internet selling of some of the photos, with or without poems.


a true wandering POEM

So we move on into that new road with words by my site, with photos at the front.
“Het zien wat een ander weet” seeing what others know.
doing research about that new road

see you soon

drOppel drUp


certain drOOP
coming in view
definite drip
going from sight



collapsing twin bubble               
fizzling out
sippin tears
distant backdrOp



searching dropped


all 3 photos are the same subject
different mornings
other angels
contrasting light
yet the same
top photo is altered in a desktop publishing program
Fine art photography is
playing with light
playing with aspects
playing in the odd way
playing against the rules
playing simply



fOund wOrds


somebody lost

somebody found

somebody didn’t like

somebody burned

perhaps not


having that searching feeling when writing poetry
looking for words
at times they just lay around
in the most unusual places
than you need to find time
to write with them found words
finding the right way to say
what was found

It is real fun to do, just wrote something with English words found in a Dutch newspaper, something about the future.
It is not finished yet, it forms a loose collection, without any aim.
something will come to mind one day