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ver ande ring     alter a tion

ver ande ring     alter a tion

This blog becomes different, we gaan een verandering tegemoet.

After many meetings and conversations, well the final as been reached, 6 years ago the blog went in the air with a different aim than now. The discovering of the awful adds next or under the blog was the final straw that broke the camels back.
so What now well the blog will move only that will have some foot in the soil before it sprout. You see all of us are still working or socks of so time is limited. Have you lost it yet, so have we. From now on the blog will give information about  the Land Art Forest followed by tips and tricks to use in your own back garden, front garden, patio, balcony, allotment and other green or used to be green spaces. The aim is first of all to plant as many as possible Land Art Forests and second to prevent gardens to become pavement.


wrapped up

Roos will continue and her final blog here is about a Rose. In one blog we saw the trills of bare rooted shrubs and trees. It just happen to be so that last week a particular supermarket was selling roses cheap very cheap. The wonderful surprise, the Rose appears out of the package bare rooted so what than. Take scissors cut the plant free and wash away the pulp, which is just there to keep the roots moist. You can use the pulp as a mulch or just put it in the compost. In this case it went into the bottom of the pot. The roots were soaked for a few hours and than put into loose compost to give it space to grow, the roots that is. It received a generous amount of water while standing in the shelter on the balcony. The Rose recovered amazingly and will go soon to her final planting spot. By acting upon the problem of bare roots from an inexperienced retailer you can get amazing Roses for just 2 euro’s.


Pulp fiction



Kijk 6 jaar geleden is deze blog met een heel ander uitzicht begonnen op de Narrowboat. Bij het zien van de niet relevante advertenties on the blog een schreeuw werkte heel verlossend, maar was de druppel die de emmer deed overlopen.
zo Wat nu, wel we gaan verhuizen, hoe en waar dat komt nog, nee we zullen niet verdwalen. Ja WE het doel is nu om zoveel mogelijk Land Art Bossen te planten en de we is het bestuur van het het Land Art Forest Association. Ten tweede komen er vele tips voor mensen hun eigen stukje groen, waar dat ook is. Het doel is om te voorkomen dat groenen plekjes beton plekjes worden gewoon omdat men bang is geen groene vingers te hebben.


better not

Deze laatste blog hier gaat daar precies over, Roos schrijft over een Roos. Als je de afgelopen week een Roos heb gekocht in een niet bij name te noemen supermarkt dan kwam je weer een voorbeeld tegen van geen groene vingers in de supermarket. Als je dat zooitje zo in de grond had gestopt dan was het zeker een ander zooitje geworden en hebben mensen weer eens de verkeerde indruk gekregen dat zij geen groene vingers hebben. Nou goed, hier komt dus hoe het anders kan.


much better

De Roos is heel goedkoop dus is het echt wel waard. Je pak de schaar knip de zooi los en heb dan in handen een plukje rondom de kale wortel. De pulp helpt om de wortel vochtig te houden maar is geen goed planting materiaal. Pak een emmer vol met water en was de wortels schoon, niet schrobben, die witte draadjes aan de wortel zijn van levensbelang voor de Roos. Zet de Roos weg in water en zeef de pulp uit de emmer water. Je kan de pulp gebruiken als een mulch of in de compost, in dit geval werdt het gebruikt in de bodem van de pot. De Roos wordt geplant in een pot met losse potgrond om de wortels de ruimte te geven om te groeien. De pot stond lekker beschut en kreeg voldoende water, straks wordt de Roos in de tuin geplant aangezien ze goed hersteld is van de niet zo groene vingers van de supermarket en zelfs de teler. Als je de Roos liever gelijk in de grond stop zorg dan voor genoeg potgrond rondom de wortels om de wortels een handje te helpen. Eerlijk voor 2 euros heb je dan een hele mooie klimRoos welk tja dat hebben ze vergeten te melden.


green fingers everywhere

Do you really want a garden with concrete or perhaps rather the green variation or perhaps more natural stony.

Its all up to you.



Klimaat Mars Amsterdam 10-03-2019

So we did, 35,000 or even 40,000 of us, yes, we did.
Down in the rain most of us came by tr..n
you get it

rain music

 slowly we walked one by one
saying what had to be said

smiling in the rain

screaming, shouting
did you hear it

right image of Holland in the future

hundreds umbrellas along
through the streets of Amsterdam


planet b is in your dreams

you must have heard us
you can not ignore us

perhaps better for life when we become a swamp

you will

35,000 40,000

so we keep on planting trees

holland will sink when we don’t change


Yes, i was wet




silence tears fall down her face leaving a trailed salted crystals
no sounds no sob no shaking shoulders her face deadly still

teardrops trincle down while darkness surrounds her
feathers from dead ducks support her head, getting slowly wet

woollen weight from perhaps walking sheeps suppress her into bed
eyes wide open leaving flowing tears out like rising tide

 midnight blue skylight sprinkle her face through plastic windows
legs stretch out door open into well known surrounding


pyjam trousers soaks up tearing morning dew
streaming river cobble at edge kissing bare feet

released to feel, see, hear tender beauty entering morning seal
words try to push out sinking emotion deem well known answers

first feathery touch leaves sheltered leafs turn above head
shouts wake up all the rest with revolt reddening light

sun appears above hill line enlightening all water drops onto blood coral beads

tomorrow she must leave what holds her so dear

the why creates sedition where can silent tears find that courage


any government during any time in any place does the same
declaring this kind of living illegal
giving the people hell
so others can spend their money
so i will walk against the government any government who
destroys what is so dear to me
showing my photos while walking


AnY LandScape


Actually LandArt can be lots more than ‘a conversation with nature or landscape questioning our relationship with the land and nature’. Or even that wonderful wording of re-order our response to place, landscape or nature. What then? 

Look at this video of Andy Goldsworthy:

The conversation uses little words but what he says sounds the perfect wording for what Land Art might be or could be, if you let it happen. His questioning happens in silence and his response  last perhaps just a day.
The word INTUItion jumps out, something we forget to use, a perception that feels stupid yet creates. He leaves reasoning behind while walking and in a way connecting to wherever he goes.

 An other important wording all landscape. You can create Land Art in any landscape, you will find material to create whatever. Forget about a plan, let it happen while going. The change it will fail doesn’t matter, the change it all fall apart, makes it. The different approaches to each landscape as we all see that landscape different.

The collecting of material found in the landscape plays a central role as well. So come material landscape and intuition together in the creating of Land Art. The Land Art stays in place but vanish with time and some material stay longer than other; leaf against wood, wood against stone.

In the case of the waterfall you see the fallen wood made it possible to make drifting wood, the doodval will stay, while the drifting wood will flow away. Only the photo of the Land Art sells at time you create more for the photo, the pretty picture, than the Land Art, our society demands the selling particle.

Why would you need a long artists statement, why would you need a title?? Land Art speaks for herself.
Land Art not sculpturing nature but connecting culture with nature. A question could you create Land Art in the urban landscape?
Have a look at the video it will make your day or even week.

Soms kom je iets tegen dat je laat zien wat je niet kan zeggen. Deze video zegt zoveel meer over Land Art of landschap kunst dan de vele boeken en tijdschriften die een omschrijving zoeken wat misschien gewoon geen woorden nodig heeft. Andy Goldsworthy    zegt weinig maar de paar woorden die gesproken worden laat heel wat zien over Land Art. Ieder landschap geeft haar eigen geheimen prijs als je er open voor staat. Loop niet door, loop niet over maar ga effe zitten om het tot je door te laten dringen.
Verzamel wat er zoal verspreid ligt en maak Land Art waar je ook bent. In Nederland vind je veel het stedelijke landschap maar ook hier kan je Land Art maken. Een uitdaging voor de volgende weken.


Concept design/Art


There is no “collective perception” perhaps there never should be.


Land Art Forest can be called (as it never is but always can) a community art project with direct input from the public, right from the start. The land artist ask you, people who follow me or the new and old members of Land Art Bos to give their ‘perception’ of the Land Art Forest.


The most creative part of design/art is or better should be the ink and wash (crayons on napkins), sweeping ideas and all the various possibilities. The aim stays to plant a Land Art Forest but the perception and thereby the concept varies (the how and what).


A social design process to bring about social change how we see the natural world, challenging the pure market-oriendness of design.

Envision, communication, interaction, common set of goals, lets scrape and add. Its noting new just different. Superflex (an Danish Artists Group) has created with the locale community Superkilen an urban park in Copenhagen.


Lets create some Land Art in nature deprived area’s, deprived because of devastating fires or the always advancing concrete/brickwork. Holland, Portugal, Wales, Australia are the places on the agenda. Express concerns or issues through artistic approach, to trigger changes and events.


You can give your ideas as a comment, email, or by the contact form on DabeArt. Some of the ideas already expressed: memory trees to remember people we have lost, outdoor photography, wish-tree, willow weaving (dead or living willow), land art poetry, tree adoption (it will be your own tree) with a growth report and nameplate and …………..


Tell me which ideas you like or add ideas, tell me your own ideas. See me as the boat of the project, everybody can come on board and the boat keeps the project afloat. 

Looking forwards to hear from you all.    *_*  


idee/denkBeeld ontwerp 

Het ontwerp van het Land Art Bos ligt in uw handen, groepsontwerp. We zitten in die hele leuke fase van “wat dacht je van deze mogelijkheid” alles kan niets moet.

Mijn Nederlands is een beetje verwatert maar zie mij maar als het bootje dat het project Land Art Bos drijvende houd en iedereen is welkom aan boord. Je kan je ideeën en gedachtes delen per email, als commentaar, via het contact formulier op DabeArt.
Laat maar van je horen, alles is nog open