Land Art Poetry

The idea for Land Art Poetry started many years ago while making the beach art Lupin Curl.

Lupin Curl beach-art


Poetry is always a part of the art made by me, sometimes as inspiration other times as a reaction to the art.
How can you  combine the poem with the LandArt?
At the time i was active on the internet in several platforms and so the idea was to combine them platforms together with LandArt and Poetry.
The group on Flicker Land Art Connection gave a photo from LandArt made by them, which were showed on a Haiku group in Second Life (virtual reality program). The poets choose a photo, wrote a poem for the LandArt. The two were combined printed and became the Land Art Poetry Trail which was showed actually in the Rookery Walled Garden and Vagdavercustis LandArt Garden.
Some photos you can still be seen on Flicker

Land Art Poetry first real poem


From the LandArt Poetry Trail followed poetry written in the landscape.
The beach slate was used on purpose. My mother learned to write on Slate, in the early years of last century. The expression; ‘clean slate’ comes from the old schools when they wiped their slates to write again and again.

The poem was written in reaction on the frustrating climate change conferences failing time after time. Every line was taken from one of the many comments found on the internet.
It was on the waterline which will be altered in the future by climate, that day just by high tide.


LandArt Poetry in and with the landscape


Over the years it developed bit by bit to using found object from the landscape to write with. Crack was written with little white pebbles from the beach filling the writing in the sand.
The spot was the poem. When you stand on the coast path above this beach you see a rock wall with a passing through, only by low tide.
It took two days of making, only one hour to disappear.

A different disappearing


Every landscape has a different disappearing. What you see today   you will not see tomorrow.
At times it goes by tidal flows, other times it goes by seasons and by different interaction of the elements in the landscape.
One poem was lost due to a badger walking through it, day after day.
River poem was changed by the weather, wind and rain.

Other LandArtists also uses poetry as a part of their art, Richard Long used poetry. He used the poetry more like visual poetry written on paper, one example you find here .
You will find other poetry in the outdoors written on walls or engraved in rocks.
Land Art Poetry is different it will not stay all that remains is a photograph.
The letters disappear, most are written with chalk or charcoal. Some letters are written with  white ink. You can imagine somebody finding a pebble on the beach with just one letter on it, makes one wonder.

On my Twitteraccount you will find next week several photos of other LandArt Poetry made by me over the years.
For the new LandArt Poem you need to wait for the right weather conditions, perhaps coming Thursday.




This will be fun, showing you an experiment which did go wrong, not totally wrong.
It just went totally adrift.


The whole thing starts, as always, with collecting material. Drift Bricks bits of bricks which have been washed, turned and turned again to break of the corners.

so far so good

all collected on site like real Land Art

Drift Land Art


A brilliant idea to create Land Art Poetry underwater, taking photos with the new camera.
After some searching found all weather paper, which can be used underwater.
Here we go.


drift going under

At home made some writing and painting. The great thing is when you use soft pastels made with earth pigments, to create some colours on plain note paper. The pigment stays put after you wet it, otherwise it wipes of very easy. Just under the tap is enough.
The paper does not rip easy so you can stitch some rope through it to hang it in the water.
The fun starts here.


It was a still day very little wind, perfect to let it hang in the water NOPE
Boats came and came again and their waves stirred up everything. There is in this place a lot of muddy particles, mixed with pieces of seaweed and all sort. A real soup, that keeps on going, making it impossible to see.
Not good stuff for the camera nor for me. The spot is very polluted, close to big industry which were allowed for years and years to dump their shit in the waterways. The water is now much and i mean much cleaner but the heavy stuff settle in YEP the muddy bits.



Alternative stick it in the sand, the flow is even here too strong to hold it for long in place.


Drift Dribble


It is just underwater only just. However you can create some fun photographs showing the waterflow, seemingly crystal clear.



Lessons learned:
choose the words of the poem carefully
using small words
take a dipping stick to put the sticks deep in the bottom (stability)
the right moment, no wind, no boats
cut the paper in shapes to stick some in the sand
using weights at the bottom of the paper
take the bark of the willows


The real piece of work will have more sticks, harvest on site.
You see even with Land Art you need to get to know the site and the material.
It’s certainly not just sicking some sticks in the ground, not even ground which is underwater.

In the end the floating charcoal looks really good, with the shadow.

This will continue.


ooh gut


Wondering what it is.
It is
at times the camera does what
can not been seen
painting with light
underwater photography
colours change

land art

have a good look
in the centre
you see
she is the wandering
surviving all odds
now growing in a special spot
made for her

i am now as well on twitter if you are there
follow me
see more photo’s




spinning twist to certain connection
perhaps not
fluff revolving UP
shipwool torn matter
role over twirl
gyrate WITHOUT as
exciting Velocity
motion speed motion point
geometry of motion



constant drift
F = D divided by dt MaleVrouw
force direction
respect time
in the end

A word appeared in the picture and from that word came so many other words all leaning to that one meaning of Whirl. From there into science of Velocity, just love the word, research of movement, in my own translation.
Dwar is a 50 million monument in a country where 50% of children are malnourished.
In that way one learn from one photo, one word.

riVerside talKing


slowly moving from silence night to
day Rush
riverside canalised flowing over Bosch denture giving
childhood memos smell of tar mixed with wildrose eglanteria




daydreaming steering wheel fantasising imaginary
reality hits, river rat, rivergipsy
ship takes where they can’t hit
sounds of water hushing against hulling pressure
wooden shoes on iron decking, rope plopping
lets go where nobody knows
tender memories




at riverside waking what was is gone to an other site
seeing in my mind
feet touching water
Egret flies <camera sink <feather touch
hello there look who’s back
changed sight changed side




it never stays while flowing away
little capsule herstory
sweet water delta Bosch, sheltering secret hidden
moving out after delta plan, moving over to nature
strong minds acting without fist
letting me dream once again



words don’t hurt anymore
sticks break before they hit
horizon is green
my circle round, mind clear, soul flowing
differentiating meanings
Merwede Guadiana Gleddau Hunter Merwede
all flowing in me
better say no more
broken glas for you and me





Showing you, some underWATER pictures with the new camera.

Willow-roots under water

The roots of Willow keep on growing holding onto some drifting sand, creating a light drip.  The trick was not seeing at all, looking from above and hoping for the best.

clinging onto wood

They say underWATER life clings onto wood much better than onto stones, it seems that way. Nice to see how the sediment is captured by plants and sticks, creating a new environment.

special light

The light is different underwater, this picture was made while a small wave did capture the camera, just under. You see the movement of tiny prisma’s embracing light beams.

just above

When you hold the lens just above waterlevel you get a water horizon, with a perfect reflection of perspective.


When you click just on the moment the camera comes out of the water, you make a drip.

special beach

Here under the smoke of Rotterdam is a small paradise, where i like to hide in silence and forget the world. Here right here were the photo’s made.

more will follow, lots to learn, a new camera, a new menu, a new search, for how to do it.






drifting away in silent
motion commotion
steering afloat od meandering
turning air   coiling water
zigzag   silence   wander
idolised move



at times something happens which you don’t expect
a program with an unusual effect
the effect of the photo created by desktop publishing and
the result needs to be more specifiek so to say
time will tell
For a new project, a new Land Art Project
the core lays in river-wood not just drifting