outline what
the indefinite
or perhaps nothingness

absence of act

theoretical yes
practical no
functional never


notion of noticeable 
conceptable image
creating unreal reality
infront of the lens

best subject for this
which is already an unreal element
hard ice, liquid running, soft snow, 

see through
drift on
reflecting storm
all colours
WATER has it 
to experiment with

second book ready
third book


curl in black and white or perhaps in shades of black

Meaning the thing that is being discussed, considered or studied.

Every artist picks a subject and start to consider, study and discuss, that subject.
Altering that subject.
Twisting that subject.
Finding that subject.
Looking time after time at that subject.

seeing that subject

Changing that subject to what they think, to what they feel, to what they want to see, experimenting left, right and centre.

An artist i know well and have seen developing, creates one subject time after time. The subject has a story to tell, which is shown time after time.
Yet the subject is altered each time it is created. You can see it on the website .

Yet, some artists change their subject and flow from one subject to the next subject still showing some recognition.
Look at the art of Vincent van Gogh and see what i try to say.
Others change completely, going from music into painting. They often flow the two gendre into each other, painting on music, composing music for a painting.

Each artist decide along the way, moving from one to an other. Some create, certain art to sell and certain art to give away.
Its all up to you, yourself, but that will be also the hardest thing to do.
The two artists mentioned here took their own direction, one harder than the other still their choose.


no altering

what you see, is not what i see
what you see tomorrow, will not be what you see today
even it could be, the same
everybody can become
that artist

i am working on it, to develop the subjects, to choose the subjects and than, who knows what  will be found.

mOrning lightness

see the moon
when dark goes into light
you find
the best moments to be
mind surrounded by
you see hidden glory
morning light with
morning dew
showing you 
no wind
no disturbance
still hands without sweat
steering light away
compose the moment
leaving composition
leaving colour
you write what you see
you take the photo of your feelings
no illustration
no description





silence tears fall down her face leaving a trailed salted crystals
no sounds no sob no shaking shoulders her face deadly still

teardrops trincle down while darkness surrounds her
feathers from dead ducks support her head, getting slowly wet

woollen weight from perhaps walking sheeps suppress her into bed
eyes wide open leaving flowing tears out like rising tide

 midnight blue skylight sprinkle her face through plastic windows
legs stretch out door open into well known surrounding


pyjam trousers soaks up tearing morning dew
streaming river cobble at edge kissing bare feet

released to feel, see, hear tender beauty entering morning seal
words try to push out sinking emotion deem well known answers

first feathery touch leaves sheltered leafs turn above head
shouts wake up all the rest with revolt reddening light

sun appears above hill line enlightening all water drops onto blood coral beads

tomorrow she must leave what holds her so dear

the why creates sedition where can silent tears find that courage


any government during any time in any place does the same
declaring this kind of living illegal
giving the people hell
so others can spend their money
so i will walk against the government any government who
destroys what is so dear to me
showing my photos while walking