perfect dAY

caught mist

when you feel good
 you can jog with blue hair
while smiling

when you feel good
 you cope with remarks
 wet camera

not perfect

too late runs itself
 going over into

forgotten key
 going over into


rattle of Motorway one site
rattle of geese, seagulls, coots other site
no matter
as light sparks even inside ears

1 became 3
walking filled with

forgetting mindset
no matter
all will be fine


winding circuitous
mazy twisting
roundabout trick


In the proces of making a book-car to wander about with, showing the books, selling the books. It will hook onto the bike, butte, it looks boringly black.
Paint, waterbased gravity paint, to get the colours. Car was painted on the allotment in the open air.
People remember mostly the drop photos, so went to get the car with the camera, to take photos of dew on the paint. Walking as bike has not yet the ‘towbar’.
Just made it in time for the vanishing mist, almost there, forgot the key.
Got the photos as a background for a logo. AND
Walking back became just perfect, still water, morning light, floating catkins, perfect for the Salix book.
Will safe them perfect photos for the book only as always.
One day soon (hopefully) tourists will walk along the Windmills meeting me and the book-car.
The date for publishing is postponed as it takes the printer longer, to get it prefect.

Roos Boekjes

New way

roos zwart

from one thing an other thing grows
moving into a new direction
certain intention
happened while going


From writing and creating that book comes more. Publishers have a hold, being weary in these times of corona.
Bookshops closed for an other month at least.
OK, well i hold my nose and jumped in the deep.
silly, perhaps
Today ‘Roos Boekjes’ was registered as a new publisher of Photo-Poetry books, on the 3-3 it will be official. (need to visit office in person)
So people if you read this and you would like to create a Photo-Poetry book, than i can provide you at least with an ISBN number.
Roos Boekjes could even sell your book via Dutch websites.
Details have to be worked out, but the start is there.
First of all my own Dropped Feather boekje, more to come, but not just my own books.

something new is growing



feathers have become my friends
making the book
which is
almost finished
how did it start

the good old days

on the waterways
meeting geese
which material symbolise


artistic accidents
by looking
finding mystic 


in the search
for how
on a exhibition
The printer who could see my vision
they are now all sold
feathers on glass

now feathers in a book
poetry and thats the trick

next book is already in the making
while the first is not all there

good memories last forever

trial AND error

error monologue


different out look

While writing the book, sorry creating the book, you come against all sort of short comings.
The camera, the letter-fonds, the letter-colours, are giving me a challenge, which in a way are fantastic.
A true part of an artistic process. Many pages in the book are now different again.
On my way, walking while talking in my head (what will people think if i said it out loud) new ideas come to me. The poor camera has to deal with many impossible situations but some of the results are wonderful.

so enjoying this

bacK GrounD

It can be really hard
to create a background
for a Poem

should it be
a blur
or just
a colour

something more recognisable
it take over the words
it become too much for the eye

one site of the book that Photo
the other site black on white
let the words dance in a
none depicting photo
to create a photographic
experience inside the words

went out and about to reflect
on just that
taking photos
of the place where most photos
of the photo-page
were taken

now we will try it all out

it will take time