wAter, everybody knows wAter

with an other feather
perhaps this one
will do better
tandrums of artist
which one      which one

perhaps, maybe, possible

going over it
again and again and again
finalising first book
with title of third book
in mind
asking for confusion
muddle, mingle, mystify, mix up


lets make one last one
where to find 
one that mix with this one

The title of the third book will be “Water, everybody knows Water” it comes from an old movie, from 1971.


It is a beautiful movie, at times hard to watch, with a message hard to reach, moving art.

The Photo-Poetry book, with the title “Dropped Feathers” is finished after some last alterations, right now, right here.

The above photos are a part of a serie which will be for sale online on Fine Art America., when the ‘gallery’ is finished.
At the moment i have 5 projects, on the go, that is at times hard to follow, one is now of the list, almost.


here we go

an other go
reflecting on water flow
subtle selection while changing

an other one

dead body sturdy
hidden camera
which one to choose
pick the want
going for the wishful
on that other site search

the river beaches

sand mushroom
underwater poem
salix inspiration
many feathers
movie making
more feathers
right there 
over there


Went again to the other site, to see the familiar site, from new distance.
Had to cycle further to be on the right, of the left hand site.
Discovering new inside, an old.
The aim was and will be new photos, new inspirations, new words, found some.


After 40 years back, to where it once all started, the changes are fantastic, for me.
It takes time even to get here, 20 kilometres to get from me to the ferry>
It is a very special spot and you can read all about it here De Biesbosch

Next week the Photo-Poetry book will go to the printer for last checking and altering.
Still making my own alterations and adding new, perhaps better, photos from this trip.

Water goes,
Water flows
Where nobody knows

rOOs eyes wide open


blue rose

She stood for trial
testing several options


trying colours within
skilful adaptation under

almost b&w

looking for that one particle
for whatever reason it will

an other almost B&W

She still will not let me
no matter how we knock

a song

experimental imagination under
looking for wild horses
in desert landscape

Been doing some more experimenting for abstract reality, if you have read so far you can read the secrets behind them trial and error.
The last blog was telling about subject, the subject here is a crystal, a desert rose, how appropriate.
The opposite of dry sandy landscape is a watery landscape with a certain flow, dropping the rose under.
What bind them together is perhaps glass, made from sand, holding water.
Photographing inside, refelcting the oudoor light with simple foil, crumbled up, stretched out.
The true try out are the colours, playing with filters.
The camera has some odd options in the filter menu, some made me laugh out loud. Yet, these photos are taken with just one filter, altering the filter for each photo.
So tell me what is your favourite???

 Some of the words from the poem came from music i was/am listening to, some have therefor little meaning towards the photo.

drOppel drUp


certain drOOP
coming in view
definite drip
going from sight



collapsing twin bubble               
fizzling out
sippin tears
distant backdrOp



searching dropped


all 3 photos are the same subject
different mornings
other angels
contrasting light
yet the same
top photo is altered in a desktop publishing program
Fine art photography is
playing with light
playing with aspects
playing in the odd way
playing against the rules
playing simply