nEw ways to sEE nature

seeing drops

new discoveries while on your knees


Many people say to me; my photos made them look differently to nature, they now see things closer. When you take your time and sit down, you will see something different no matter where you are.
Our eyes have their limitation and our brains fill in the rest, but who tells our brain what to see. The manipulated photo of what we want to see, according to who ……?
Is it the artist, fashion, media or our surroundings?

novel ecosystem

down the beaten track


As a land artist you need to know your material just like any other artist does. A painter knows her paint, the brushes, the underground, the sculptor knows their wood, stone, iron. A land artist find their art-material in the landscape,  where ever that landscape is you will find nature there.
It is often said that land artists have a dialoge with nature, using no words or signs. They alter the landscape with material found in the landscape. At times these alteration last just minutes at other times they last years.

planted landscape

created landscape


In a way they create a connection between culture and nature, which is not always appreciated.
Some artists travel large distance to find them special ‘wild’ places to create their art, to spread their wings in unknown territories. Sometimes their inspiration comes from nature herself, many times it comes from who pay their travel expenses.
All of them make us look at nature in a different way.

Pink Rocks

natural sculpture


We always intervene in nature, humans have been changing their environment since they walk on 2 legs. Out of them interventions come new ecological systems, creative driven ecosystems. (Novel Ecosystems)
How do we divine nature? Them landscape which has not been touched by humans? We have changed the chemistry of the air, the chemistry of water all over this planet.

human made wilderness

wild or tame?


One destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things (Henry Miller).
In Europe we altered the landscape for many many years and them altered landscapes are now natural wonders in their own rights.


planted giant


We actually can give something back to nature, we can create with nature new ecosystems with a new way of looking at nature. Areas which were once planted by humans and than neglected become very unusual but beautiful places to reconnect with that nature.
Nature doesn’t care about nationalities, the wind seeds them plants no matter where and no matter where the mother plants come from.

water buffalo

an allien


Perhaps this WaterBuffalo in Pembrokeshire should not be or perhaps it always has been but just went for a long holiday.
The non natives often help to create that environment the natives need to survive, lets call it natural balance.


created landscape


The above photo shows a landscape made by mining and sheep farming, is it therefor no good? Is what we see here no nature?
It is now a national park where they try to keep it in the way it is. Perhaps the national park should let nature decide what it wants to do with this new landscape.

Land art can certainly create new landscapes by working together with nature.

Novel land art

how old farmland became new

In the next blog i will show you more about this piece of land in Pembrokeshire.

It stands model for the new to create Forest Vision








Than just than the water became a mirror as the wind called behind.
It revealed silence in noise, in uproar, sound echo  echo, silence in noise
sound source of silence, underwater while above, on the surface feathers
still there, like screams of geese and line clouds of wasted journeys
silence my mind

paint reality

to see what you and me can’t see
don’t want to see
a laced wing, laced netting, filigree cord sting
intertwine, interweave, mix it all, give it silence
klingerly klang of a horse shoe on concrete

glace wing

see beyond time
a feather comes with thousand drops
to do what hasn’t been done
camera under water under surface reality
dare to see surplace reality shattered movement

under or above thats the question

a boat past, waves come all moves
wobble bobble zobble
into reappearing silence, moved to be stuck
a drop reflection into a subtle action
reaction of a fraction into
inner moment, inner movement
shadows reflection, than just than

moved to be stuck

the boat pushes her under where i lay surprised
faces what to see, no longer care
all them drops
just one little feather
feels so good, so beautiful, attractions
in that one tiny moment of passing

that feather

by elegant, glamour on a surface movement
shift in charm, to relocate me and
seeing beyond, seeing inside reflection, under drops
we only see outer reality
stir, switch, leave, transfer

drop reflections

seeing in three dimension
i have to go now, i need a piss
my inner calling
how to make 2D into 3D with an inner feeling
kijk nou

een veertje dat me heeft leren zien, leren kijken, een ander perspectief.

it will never be sure when or how we see not knowing how to show

mAgdA september 2017 alblasserdam



I woke up with you in mind hearing your shouts, seeing your act art you said art

as i wait for the first bird song you wait for the first embarrassment

you have a name, you have a fame, you teach to earn

scream to act art you say

the thousand fine lines a question the embarrassment



Looking further into some facts

the aim for the shame

searching for what is lost

inside a scream of silence a scream of taal

en nog eens taal

Vergeefse woorden zoeken naar menselijke mening, menselijke redenering

ik herinner, terwijl de vogel mij niet ziet

een vermenging van woordeloze Beelden

Verbeelding van menselijk gezag

het gezegde van een FLITZZZZ

onderweg van het weg zijn van de



roaring trucks, zooming first cars

into the silence faling raindrops, rolling of leaFs


somebody else has been here, footprint from behind

shout for what is lost, what will be lost

only without the anger, leaving that embarrassment

a shout of silenced grieving, act silent walking, over a noisy track

should i act this sadden dance to get attention for loosing

perhaps it is the falling of failing



dat ik bewandel na de nacht

een druppel hier            een druppel daar

een gloeiende plaat, in ieder hoek

taal zeg je een vergeten woord van het niet willen weten

stilletjes nat worden voor het zien van dat kunstzinnige moment

kunst waar vind je dat, aan een hangende tak zonder bladeren

het niet weten voelt veilig aan

nee, laat maar     ik wil het voelen

achter de pijn van verliezen ligt de glorie van schoonheid

DIE komt zonder prijs

dansend over een bank, terwijl de bankrekening loopt leeg

genietend van een teer moment, regen valt niet leeg



treecreeper crawls away vertical movement


the rain truly falls

100 1000000

one hundred million

for a piece of skull

money of dead reminder of bulbs 1640

art for few collecting emptiness, no tax on art

10,000 times 10,000

art against reason a silent reminder of what i don’t want

is het een kunst om iets te maken waarvan iedereen zegt wat knap




is het een kunst om iets te maken wat jezelf niet echt snapt

een vergeten liedje van herman van veen met blijvende gedachte goed

walking back through the rain leaving art well behind

i sell what i create

artinisme off

dripping drops make no difference

i see your anger of lost words

leaf your act of desperation

its all a vague nothing on lendless paper



ik ga verder met mijn zin

zinloos dwalen tussen woorden van niets

lege druppels in jouw haar

warme bries in mijn gedachte

verder heeft het geen






go where one can go

go where one can go

looking for stillness amongst sounds
of constant going
squeal over iron, rubber tackling asphalt

the surprise from a crossing horse
across flowing mist shelter
chestnut trees



cannot believe my luck
hoef niet bang te zijn on the streaming desperate
purple stains old punk passing tail trail fail
no more

lets tale away in mystical devotion
over river stows silence remains
by the lone wooded strain, do not come my way

eye aye

eye aye

the morning sun wake endless shakes, it will not follow you
beams into shrinking themes go under ageing agent tree
it seems free to go

cannot see, really feel very strange
the sun is here where the Hawthorn left, the Elder follows
pigeon flies over horse trail Chestnut


monet moment

very soon they all come out
despairing my lost moment
tires overshadow birdsong, running way, running away
i do not want to stay, minding bones
its all so strange, do not feed the animals, do not flee the peace, do not flea the peas

horse SUN

horse SUN


17 June 2015

Hemel Hempstead



write it down

write it down

from here we slowly set of too much illusion
and from this we go further to nowhere no weather stopping us no movement
from here as well we go looking at very little motions
and from here we go towards hulling over an otherwise rise in movement
from no motion to slowly an action forwards perhaps  perhaps first a bit back flow towards
progress passing the onwards section on movement touching the flowing source of life
emotional manoeuvre  no hurry just go on swinging on current solution
tendency touch me stirring an inner connection from advance thinking
over to development  feelings  inspiring bustle
effecting the fluctuation she becomes excited an idea in movement
act upon herself reliance perhaps
a trend flows over in time running past all possible illusions
moving going going yet never ask where?
she will go as long the unfixed stays around she feels good
a propel behind her steers her in no correction go her own
no development she sees as her own prospect
she shift fast just goes on her current
her vision on nothing push forwards a momentum
a short slow moment in motion perhaps slow motion
you think to see her yet she disappear to nowhere
lets poke her prod her poke the site and
go on move further she goes and you go and all together
we move creating movement within agitation so to say
moment after moment we created last moment on a mountain
moving over a low hanging branch as we go on and on no stopping
over and over we never stand still until it is pop
late yet it was the moment of my life flow
that life is to show to go on



My first experiment of writing poetry in a different more visual way. The poem was written with the idea in my mind of the never ending running of our society never having time or taking time to stand still. The lines went in circles endless circles and i just kept on writing what ever came to my mind.





It was a floating year with changing water,
brown to black sometimes a bit of blue and see-through
and one moment just teal.



A journey with tree planting inside trees,
around trees, under trees,
floating trees finding their destinations in the soil of choice.



An expedition of rock collecting,
rock finding, rock digging,
pebbles scrubbing, colour dreming,
root rocks, soft rocks,
sculptured stones all on a roof top,
all displaced along the way by the planted tree.

tock de rock

tock de rock

A wander through water,
over water, under water,
raising water, tumble water,
shallow water to discover a new element.


A trek of freedom discovery,
past origination, forgotten stations,
hidden glory, silty stories,
sudden fading of layered horizontally.



A roving moment leaving the old harbour,
well behind the stored ships,
to enter deep sense oeuvre, daunting remakes,
what is behind does not remain.

de alvracht drie

de alvracht drie

A float surrounded by circles,
finding the inner coir,
displacing the outer mind as water becomes the soil,
linger to be silent drifting joy,
revealing miracles.



The next year celebration into a new direction
Spiral Journey
made without solitude engaging attitude.

happy NEW year


An early morning walk on 29 July starting at 04.55 in my own words of perception.

the early morning mist longed over water
dancing skimping in distance



over wildFlower meadow hovers
veil of most tiniest of tiniest drops
touching everything with a dust off water
minute water forming a needed
awakening to long warm day
while short night ends



many will be moved
as i look for colour
that past moment
2 summers ago
somewhere else
own creation of nature
total feeling comes again
as the dream wakes on a sliding hill
as a stream it will come again

every drop a story

every drop a story

feeling warmth of growing sun
glistering silver dust thousand sparkles in one

streaks of light over the blue canvas sky
breath silence in shallow traffic
an adoring moment



nobody here
nobody there
a flatter of silver bird Wings
stroke movement curling in the sky
what will the day bring


early bird

cool yellow rock
into shadow of doubt
a piece of land
mint marjoram bees
leave it all the same

ponds of drops

ponds of drops

you will not see
the end
from that bit

perspective of a moment

perspective of a moment

a late submission of a day gone