Writers flOW

transcendent misty
write it says
so write
real writers flOW
river edging
canal acting river
an other vision

ducking away
eared rushing
willow wind
a key
towards a flow
over paper with pencil bow
rub nothing
it said
a drop on the fire

so far 21 photos with 8 poems need to write more but from 0 to 8 was Writers flOW

making of the bOOk, part 2

It was just a perfect day, just a perfect day, not expected, yet, by the lack of a better word, PerFect.
Dew was present this morning but so was the wind, not good for macro-photography, not good at all.

the right SPOT

While going a bit around the place for shopping saw, just the perfect spot. Lucky for me in my cycle bags there is a rain suit for the unexpected.
On my belly, flat on my belly, with arms in the water and legs in the air for balance captured several perfect photos for the book.

oooh dear them shoes

The truth is, the round about way was to take photo’s of something completely else, that is life it takes funny corners.
This morning, in the file for the book, were 17 photos which past the test. To make a good book it needs some pages. I been counting other PhotoPoetry books pages and most come around 56, this PhotoPoetry book will have 54. It is a good number 5+4=9 which is my birth number, don’t ask me why, have no idea.


It means more photo’s to take, after this morning, some less. It was even possible to take a good underwater photo. The camera did need a good rinse as it was covered by duckweed.

the perfect SPOT

On the first sight the place is notting special, yes, still water, rest is straight on straight down.
My eyes have a certain training done to see more than what meets the eyes.
Bike parked, suit on and down we went.
Once down, the feathers kept on coming in sight, one after an other, all totally different, all just perfect.

no not good

The above photo is just to lift a tiny tip of the veil, yet, it will not make the book. Look at the perfect dew drops. Today, the theme was feathers surrounded by duckweed.

The poetry writing is an other story, not one is finished, oeps.

mOrning lightness

see the moon
when dark goes into light
you find
the best moments to be
mind surrounded by
you see hidden glory
morning light with
morning dew
showing you 
no wind
no disturbance
still hands without sweat
steering light away
compose the moment
leaving composition
leaving colour
you write what you see
you take the photo of your feelings
no illustration
no description


bOOk in the making

All ArtBooks should be unique in a certain way not a copy of an other copy and yet that copied over again.
So my next photo-poetry book will show only photos which are NEW and in the making. The poetry is slowly starting.


Above you see some very other equipment for the book. It is sooooooo much more fun to create new stuf time after time. Feeling free to try out, what you haven’t done before.

The inspiration came from Bjork and her song Black Lake.
Black stones/pebbles a piece of black wood found on the beach and that old saggy feather from one of the geese.
The lake was created with a glass of water. The slight green colour would create a slight touch of colour to the otherwise Black and White


With an experiment, you never really know the outcome, that makes it sooooo much fun.
The above photo and the other photos will not make it in the book.

bubbels in blur

The photos you see here, well you hardly see the feather and could not represent Black Lake, not the video nor the song.

Sometimes the green of the glass was/is just too much.
Today i went to some secondhand shops to get more glass equipment, with success. Yesterday found some more feathers.
The experiment will continue. Some of the photos i will share here but not the one for the book.
The book will be a limited print with certificate, thinking a number between 30 and 50. Which number do you recommend and why.


Many people want to know what equipment i use to create the photos, well here we go.


The small tripod i hardly use, it is handy when making photos on eye hight to keep the camera still and in position.
A spare battery is a must, how often you find that perfect picture and than, oeps no go as the battery is empty.
The little ring with lights is when taking macro in early morning light or in shady spots to help the camera. At times it give too much a ring of lights visual in the photo.
The red thing right in front is, the cameras life saver, for when it goes pop in the water, while taking photos on the water surface. It has the site effect that it does stays wet after being filming under water, which force me to keep the camera in the air to dry out better.


The most important is the camera an Olympus Tough. It is the second one i got, they are just perfect in taking macro photos and are truly tough.
The camera almost always gets wet while taking them drop photos and it get bumped against all sort of things. The old one was dropped big time on rocks and all but is still going, only no longer water tight.
The new camera will be water tight for an other 7 months, the rubber rings will need to be replaced.

To get them drop photos you need to be mouse still and the object needs to be still. The slightest movement and the photos is blurred. Macro photography is a perfect way to do some mindful photography.
With the Olympus tough you can zoom into the drop really nice, the camera has several good options in the macro setting.
The nice thing about a small camera is the fact you can keep it totally still in your hand, helping you to get close to subjects that no large camera can find.
A photo like this is hard to achieve in the studio with a light box and other equipment.

The camera shows you things you never can see with your eyes in nature, no need to pick the mushroom to take it home.
Yep, it is a mushroom, a tiny mushroom known by the name Harefoot. The black lines are the spores which look like ink.

The computer does the final work on the photo. Sometimes i use an old but very good desktop publishing program to work with he photos and add text.
The note book is indispensable on the walks and expedities, while in the spot there and than i can find best the words to show the feelings.
Like any other artist, the land artist, needs to get to know the material/medium with which they work, in this case nature.
To get so close to nature sure helps to learn from it, with a different perspective.

Before the Olympus i had a Canon Ixus and for a short time the Canon powershot. The Ixus was much better than the powershot to take macro photos.
It was hard to explain to the people of Canon and other people what it was about the zoom ability in macro mode.
In the end the camera came to show what i ment and the young men recommend the Powershot, which in no way could do what i wanted.
Some months later i had an other try in an other shop at an other place and yep, this time the understanding was there.
So the Macro was the main function why it was chosen, but now the underwater possibilities give again an other perspective.

You see there is no need to invest large amount of money on equipment to get the photos, just the time and the stillness.


Early Wantij

Waarom zal men toch om 04.46 in de ochtend op de fiets stappen, tja zeg nou zelf waarom zal je dat nou doen?
Toch is dat echt het aller mooiste moment van de dag om gewoon op je fiets te stappen en heerlijk de natuur in te fietsen.
Het moment, waarop je in het dorp, 5 auto’s tegen komt en geen enkele fietser. Het moment, waarop stilte nog een beetje stil is. Het moment, waarop je even alleen bent.
De rijksweg is wel wat anders zelfs tijdens de corona maar goed daar fiets je snel langs.

Why would you get on your bike in the dark morning, well to see nature wakeup. To leave the city bustle and hustle behind you. Its the only time when here in the village, yes, village, you hardly see cars or other people. The motorway is quickly behind your bike. Do, you think, the car-drivers saw them Egrets flying against the dark sky like white shadows, you see thats why, on the bike you see.
This time the trip had one way to do with my training as a nature guide and the other way going into memory lane.
Going past wel known sights and over well guided country roads into the sunrise with the midnight blue. By the Wantij the city finally lays behind my back and a certain tranquility takes place all around.

Pond Kop van het Land

Rustig verdwijnt de stad naar de achterkant van de fiets en de heerlijke rust komt je tegemoet met de glimlach van de zonsopkomst. Het Wantij over, even stoppen wat het zadel drukt en het water roept. Stilletjes de Zeedijk op om te praten met schapen, het is me geleerd hier jaren geleden. Het geluid uit mijn keel klinkt nog steeds als uit die schapen-keel.
Kopje van het Land, pond ligt te wachten op de eerste klant. Het eiland van Dordrecht had eens zoveel ponden, heen en weer naar de overkant, voor een kwartje. Nu zijn er tunnels en bruggen en veel te veel auto’s voor de pond, maar niet deze ene Kopje van het Land, zo herkenbaar na 40 jaar.

While the bike pushes over the Zeedijk (sea-dike) into memories of talking to sheep and after years of malpractice still give an answer.At the end there she lays patiently waiting for the first customers the ferry. We are on the Island from Dordrecht surrounded by rivers, once the ferries used to take you to the other site. Now this lovely ferry is about the only one by Het Kop van het Land ( the head of the land ) a small point. On the other site you leave Holland behind you and enter Brabant.
Not this time.

Nieuwe Merwede a canal a river

Nu fietsen we effe zomaar in de mooie vooruitgang. Meestal heeft de vooruitgang iets te maken met de snelheid van het leven, auto’s en zo, maar niet ditmaal. Hier fietsen we in een gebied dat is tegoeden is gekomen voor de natuur. Het is geheel mens gemaakt en ligt aan een breed kanaal, gegraven tussen 1864 en 1884, De Nieuwe Merwede. Het stroomt van de Beneden Merwede naar het Hollands Diep en maakte van Dordrecht een eiland. Eens gemaakt met de eerste stoomschepen nu een stromend water door een natuur gebied de BiesBosch.
Heerlijke zaligheid.

This time we cycle where i used to hide as a youngster to escape the peerpressure and push of education with strengeling competition. In 4 years doing 3 school exams is wel how to say. The cycle track was not there them days but i knew a secret little way to get to the canal and let everything stream by out of my mind. I used to dream about life, that i now have liven, not like the dream but close enough. In my life i saw so many amazing nature, true wilderness, nothing like this place. They say something about a circle becoming full. A small stop at the Oosthaven to make a video of the birdsong to show my colleges who are on their way on the other site of the island.

Pipo koeien

De collega’s staan al te wachten, met zijn drieën hebben we de Tongplaat geadopteerd, om na onze opleiding, natuurgidsen te worden van de IVN.
Het gebied heeft heel wat veranderingen ondergaan. In mijn jonge jaren heb ik gezien hoe het langzaam maar zeker aan het verknallen was.
De Tongplaat werd in 1803 ingepolderd en in 2012 werd het weer terug gegeven aan het water als onderdeel van het Strategisch Groenproject Dordrecht.
Zo zie je maar het kan ook anders, echt anders.

Slowly but certainly the cycle track takes us along a strip of natuur, once disappearing now flourishing.
No words can describe how this feels, for me. Something in my veins is jumping of joy, pure joy. Shinrin Yoku comes to mind, a new thing for the vitamin G. New for some old for many, or perhaps that should be the other way  around. Comes to think of it, i seem to have doen it my entire life.
Its pure nature made by human hands, every bid of it, the wild is here thanks to people, all sort of people.
In 1864-1884 they dug the Nieuwe Merwede canal. Even it looks and feels like a river its a canal, made to let the water flow more freely to stop the many flooding and yep it worked.


Zo, natuurgids in opleiding, nieuwe namen leren, nieuwe natuur leren, nieuwe geluiden leren en determineren, terwijl ik eigelijk op mijn knieën zit met de camera.
Gelukkig, zijn mijn collega’s heel geduldig en laten me meestal rustig mijn gang gaan.
Want echt het is de beste tijd van de dag voor vogel concerten. Al hoewel koeien op het pad een andere uitdaging geven. Ohhh en dan heb ik het nog niet eens over die duizenden dauwdruppels in de zon. Ach een beetje verdwalen in de natuur is voor de mens nodig.
Ja, kijk, hier is het eens allemaal begonnen als kleinkind aan de hand van mijn papa als eigenwijze tiener, die hier niet wilde blijven. Nu weer terug in een heel ander jasje. Toch mis ik die plekjes in New South Wales en in Old South Wales.

fietsen op de dijk

And perhaps one day in the next year, you can come over and see it and perhaps by that time i can guide you better than now. Still learning not to end up on my knees to take that one angel of the morning dew. Perhaps one day hey.

Who knows where the track next year will go. Yet, i do miss them places there far away, the darkness, the stillness, the loneliness, the wild. Back on my bike.





silence tears fall down her face leaving a trailed salted crystals
no sounds no sob no shaking shoulders her face deadly still

teardrops trincle down while darkness surrounds her
feathers from dead ducks support her head, getting slowly wet

woollen weight from perhaps walking sheeps suppress her into bed
eyes wide open leaving flowing tears out like rising tide

 midnight blue skylight sprinkle her face through plastic windows
legs stretch out door open into well known surrounding


pyjam trousers soaks up tearing morning dew
streaming river cobble at edge kissing bare feet

released to feel, see, hear tender beauty entering morning seal
words try to push out sinking emotion deem well known answers

first feathery touch leaves sheltered leafs turn above head
shouts wake up all the rest with revolt reddening light

sun appears above hill line enlightening all water drops onto blood coral beads

tomorrow she must leave what holds her so dear

the why creates sedition where can silent tears find that courage


any government during any time in any place does the same
declaring this kind of living illegal
giving the people hell
so others can spend their money
so i will walk against the government any government who
destroys what is so dear to me
showing my photos while walking