it was once again one of them totally perfect days

riding into morning mist to find GOSSAMER without reason
going for red bark 
seeing red mist covering every small open field
small clearing in woods


leaving an amazing trail of subtle fine lines 
passing this vision would be squander
time will be time taking time makes time
line from a song comes by
having the time of my life


yet this time comes every year again and again
last year i wrote this one

knowingingly next year we see it again and again
first time was 2003 on my old field now
my eyes are open for Gossamer
time after time


autum ligth makes colours come out like nothing else
filtering through sligth green leafs hitting faded leafs on the edge
nobody else around to shout as human engines have not started
perfect time as silence makes you hear the wind wistle in your ears
while going down hills no music can rival it not even close


pure sadisfaction inside a landscape
words flow yet no pencil  
old time made words pass out like 
orange monster Gossamer in Looney Tunes
delicate lines of transient time


Allegro morning

in Wind silence
morning tip toes in
glorious action

old tiny

in Wind silence
morning displays
thousand shaded colours


in Wind silence
morning wakes
long distance travellers

she is back

in Wind silence
morning violins
strike misty cords

only morning gives this

in Wind silence
heads dance overboard
feet clasp expanding ritme

wind silence

in Wind silence
wings take flight
in total surprise

go away

in Wind silence
sudden drum parade
over acting stomping clogs

One of them misty mornings in my large back garden
seeing lots and meaning lots of birds
coming back
Hearing them before you see them
Clicking like mad and having something which
was never ment to be but is
it reminded me of Allegro Con Fuoco

The last phot shows a Lapwing telling a Heron to move on, protecting her nest.
My camera is not the best for landscape nor birds but this morning made the difference.

Writers flOW

transcendent misty
write it says
so write
real writers flOW
river edging
canal acting river
an other vision

ducking away
eared rushing
willow wind
a key
towards a flow
over paper with pencil bow
rub nothing
it said
a drop on the fire

so far 21 photos with 8 poems need to write more but from 0 to 8 was Writers flOW