Than just than the water became a mirror as the wind called behind.
It revealed silence in noise, in uproar, sound echo  echo, silence in noise
sound source of silence, underwater while above, on the surface feathers
still there, like screams of geese and line clouds of wasted journeys
silence my mind

paint reality

to see what you and me can’t see
don’t want to see
a laced wing, laced netting, filigree cord sting
intertwine, interweave, mix it all, give it silence
klingerly klang of a horse shoe on concrete

glace wing

see beyond time
a feather comes with thousand drops
to do what hasn’t been done
camera under water under surface reality
dare to see surplace reality shattered movement

under or above thats the question

a boat past, waves come all moves
wobble bobble zobble
into reappearing silence, moved to be stuck
a drop reflection into a subtle action
reaction of a fraction into
inner moment, inner movement
shadows reflection, than just than

moved to be stuck

the boat pushes her under where i lay surprised
faces what to see, no longer care
all them drops
just one little feather
feels so good, so beautiful, attractions
in that one tiny moment of passing

that feather

by elegant, glamour on a surface movement
shift in charm, to relocate me and
seeing beyond, seeing inside reflection, under drops
we only see outer reality
stir, switch, leave, transfer

drop reflections

seeing in three dimension
i have to go now, i need a piss
my inner calling
how to make 2D into 3D with an inner feeling
kijk nou

een veertje dat me heeft leren zien, leren kijken, een ander perspectief.

it will never be sure when or how we see not knowing how to show

mAgdA september 2017 alblasserdam




I woke up with you in mind hearing your shouts, seeing your act art you said art

as i wait for the first bird song you wait for the first embarrassment

you have a name, you have a fame, you teach to earn

scream to act art you say

the thousand fine lines a question the embarrassment



Looking further into some facts

the aim for the shame

searching for what is lost

inside a scream of silence a scream of taal

en nog eens taal

Vergeefse woorden zoeken naar menselijke mening, menselijke redenering

ik herinner, terwijl de vogel mij niet ziet

een vermenging van woordeloze Beelden

Verbeelding van menselijk gezag

het gezegde van een FLITZZZZ

onderweg van het weg zijn van de



roaring trucks, zooming first cars

into the silence faling raindrops, rolling of leaFs


somebody else has been here, footprint from behind

shout for what is lost, what will be lost

only without the anger, leaving that embarrassment

a shout of silenced grieving, act silent walking, over a noisy track

should i act this sadden dance to get attention for loosing

perhaps it is the falling of failing



dat ik bewandel na de nacht

een druppel hier            een druppel daar

een gloeiende plaat, in ieder hoek

taal zeg je een vergeten woord van het niet willen weten

stilletjes nat worden voor het zien van dat kunstzinnige moment

kunst waar vind je dat, aan een hangende tak zonder bladeren

het niet weten voelt veilig aan

nee, laat maar     ik wil het voelen

achter de pijn van verliezen ligt de glorie van schoonheid

DIE komt zonder prijs

dansend over een bank, terwijl de bankrekening loopt leeg

genietend van een teer moment, regen valt niet leeg



treecreeper crawls away vertical movement


the rain truly falls

100 1000000

one hundred million

for a piece of skull

money of dead reminder of bulbs 1640

art for few collecting emptiness, no tax on art

10,000 times 10,000

art against reason a silent reminder of what i don’t want

is het een kunst om iets te maken waarvan iedereen zegt wat knap




is het een kunst om iets te maken wat jezelf niet echt snapt

een vergeten liedje van herman van veen met blijvende gedachte goed

walking back through the rain leaving art well behind

i sell what i create

artinisme off

dripping drops make no difference

i see your anger of lost words

leaf your act of desperation

its all a vague nothing on lendless paper



ik ga verder met mijn zin

zinloos dwalen tussen woorden van niets

lege druppels in jouw haar

warme bries in mijn gedachte

verder heeft het geen






go where one can go

go where one can go

looking for stillness amongst sounds
of constant going
squeal over iron, rubber tackling asphalt

the surprise from a crossing horse
across flowing mist shelter
chestnut trees



cannot believe my luck
hoef niet bang te zijn on the streaming desperate
purple stains old punk passing tail trail fail
no more

lets tale away in mystical devotion
over river stows silence remains
by the lone wooded strain, do not come my way

eye aye

eye aye

the morning sun wake endless shakes, it will not follow you
beams into shrinking themes go under ageing agent tree
it seems free to go

cannot see, really feel very strange
the sun is here where the Hawthorn left, the Elder follows
pigeon flies over horse trail Chestnut


monet moment

very soon they all come out
despairing my lost moment
tires overshadow birdsong, running way, running away
i do not want to stay, minding bones
its all so strange, do not feed the animals, do not flee the peace, do not flea the peas

horse SUN

horse SUN


17 June 2015

Hemel Hempstead

Hollow Tree OAK

One day i found a hollow part of a trunk along the Shropshire Union Canal. Somebody discarded it as no use for burning as the centre is half rotten and some of the wood was composted into soil. The idea to use it one day to plant it with a tree in it an old tree giving space to a new tree even feeding giving soil to the new tree. The hollow tree trunk lived for several weeks now on top of the roof looking a part of the small land-art garden.

the roof garden

the roof garden

The soil washed away during the travels but has been replaced once again with soil from a mole-hill and one of the small Oaks found her new home in it. Here it will grow for the next few months until we are back at the Shropshire Union Canal where she will be planted with trunk and all in the soil to grow.

the tree trunk

the tree trunk

From this came the next planting. An old tree trunk next to the Trend and Mersey Canal, a dead Willow. The last planting had a circle of willows around the Oak this time the Oak went into the Willow. Willow trees don’t grow old but do grow fast, at their end of life circle they become hollow and just fall over.

digging out

digging out

This Willow tree was wisely cut and left, it was a big tree with several stems. If you pollard a Willow it can become a good old tree but will also hollow out creating a brilliant habitat for wildlife while the tree keeps on growing. We saw many along the canals, they become real sculptures.

the soil mixture

the soil mixture

The Willow had a soft centre which i removed al the way down to the bottom and filled it with old coffee, tea and soil with plenty of stones for drainage. It felt like a sponge so soft and very wet, my arm was just long enough to come to the bottom. The little Oak went in, no need for water the surrounding tree trunk will act as a sponge while the rain can dribble away to the bottom through all the rocks. You can see the stinging nettle taking well advantage of the rotting tree-trunk. The nettles feeding in their turn the surrounding soil for any plant who comes along on the wind.

new tree in old tree

new tree in old tree

The Oak will slowly grow and become old, the tree-trunk will slowly but certainly rot away around the new tree. The soil can wash away from the bottom leaving some bare old roots but the Oak will grow on evolving in her own root sculpture. Before the root sculpture to appear many years will pass as nature has no haste. Around her some rocks were placed from the places she visited on her trip on top of the boat.

the rocks from the canals

the rocks from the canals

Sand stone from the Shropshire Union Canal, flint from the Grand Union canal from the Cassiobury park where one of her sisters grows now, a round pebble from the Coventry Canal. One pebble came from Trefin Beach the root of the bridge planting that I do.

tree sensation

tree sensation

Finally she got an inscription of tree sensations.

here we go again

here we go again



Today the first little Oaks went into the ground as a part of the Bridge Land Art Project. The acorn was planted last autumn, you read about it on this blog.

The little Oak in her pot

The little Oak in her pot

The last two months the Oak came along with us, on top of our NarrowBoat Wånderlust.
Two Oaks in this pot so it was time to plant one of them, even they only came up a few weeks ago.
It is amazing to see how much she grew already.

the plant and her root

The plant and the root

You can clearly see the acorn and how it sprouted out into a little baby tree.



The acorn was planted in the soil of a mole hill and just near our mooring i saw a mole hill hidden under some green. It is at the edge of a beautiful forest park along the towpath.
The spot for this little tree.

het plekje

het plekje

The clearing began and the collection of rocks to keep the soil of the mole hill in place. While working some people past asking what i was doing, so I showed the little tree. Now this tree has some local people who will keep an eye on her to make sure she keeps on growing.

mount of rocks

mount of rocks

Around this area, you can find lots of brilliant flint rocks. The beauty of flint is the many shapes and colours it comes in.
In the early morning i went out in the dew to look for rocks and dew drops.
While looking i found this bizarre mounts in the middle of the forest. No idea why, no idea what, yet they are made on purpose. Somebody has been creative, helping me to find plenty of great stones.


One mount after an other mount of dug up clay, what else can you say than hidden confusion.

hidden confusion
from within she reappears
with a tingle in her toes
no need to hide
she looks back
never mind the muddy hands

Oak on rocks let her grow

Oak on rocks let her grow

There 4 more Oaks on the roof of the boat waiting for an other good spot. One of them will be planted with a circle of Willows, which are also on top of the roof.



read before you like *_*

silver eye
…………………  purple line
…………………………………………  yen yelp sky

purple line

purple line

nymph creates a
…………………………….  last myth
from an oyster one
……………………………….  ending posy
python tells us a
…………………………….  final Rye

sycamore shows
……………………………………  ultimate Syringa
typical variation of
…………………………………….  extreme Yuppie
gypsie reveals an other
…………………………………………..  supreme hysteria

silver eye

silver eye

purple line
…………………………silver eye
………………………………………………….yen yelp sign

i am sorry but wordpress is not much good to work with in making visual poetry therefor the dots…….
a question i played with some words, can you see what the word play is???

looking forwards to hear from you

Norther Wind Tears


see it all of the nothing
to see
as elephants flow down to

see what there isn’t
to see
scarlet sea-lens hanging from

rockt road

rockt road

see them disappear
into see
burned ash of ribbon

see who doesn’t want
to see
Yellow flashes of skimmed



see it alone down the
she is all so low as a french



this is my beauty
solid beauty

willow plain of troy

willow plain of troy