Something a bit different.

In the progress of making a slideshow for the exhibition, sort of powerpoint. The slides are made with photos and text and at times there is a need for some neutral background instead of blinding white.




The camera became a paintbrush with at times good results even from the 230 shots just 5 are suitable.




Fading colours with a high iso




Rainbow effect with water




that didn’t work out but still a great picture with an other rainbow




OK this is not what was expected but what the eyes see the camera shall capture

the beauty being self employed no boss tells you that was not your task, or job description for today nor quality controle

no excuses needed





captured light

captured light

believe in Beauty, flashing senses
it takes courage to see sensuality
zoek a look
sensuous sentence, offers a pattern
simplifying simulation every stone in a Bubble
zoek a look

standing still


drop without an ocean, no flow of quadrant
a distant tree, whispering names on your way
zoek a look
across silent breaks
its in your hands, under your feet flowing in your ears
zoek a look

what goes around comes around

what goes around comes around

there over there
whiteout a whisper following maze
zoek a look
around description
saying nothingness
zoek a look

it hurts

it hurts

Dottle over a road, of mystery meaningless tread
tired march of stems
zoek a look
wisps makes you go
used to empty rooms, no matter what you do
zoek a look



locked away rocks
freak window seal leaking dreams
zoek a look
drop by drop, lash-hold of the scream bird
leave window by horsehairs
zoek a look
purple shoes as wings

wings in your eyes

wings in your eyes

A certain dream while walking along in different shoes around different times into different landscapes. Holding my camera in my hand.


shadow of the moon

shadow of the moon

white geese glide by
black hull waiting for some frosty bite of bread
in the sliver white light
giving shadows of a neck
no camera can picture

shadow of the moon

as the spark goes dull, by bright taking
the dark of the moon light

staying a little while chatting
in untold language
to visitors of the night

shadow of the moon

water turned
black hole with a fluff of white geese
my breath becomes
one with a puff lowering mist

shadow of the moon

longing for the glow of coal
the gander frowns
to find an other door in
rancid rainbow
my door is no more than a flip flop

from the cruising art gallery



telling a visual story of, a cold early morning glory
yesterday feels as old, as the centre of the earth
hands cramped, writing down some lousy words, for a fly to understand
as others search, for meanings, inside a church
the bird flies, silent, in a scream, as she knows, what we don’t see


grass sun

a tear falling, in a memory
as the wind, ripples the stream
oooh cloud, go away, i don’t want your drops, of gold as they, blister my nails
let her walk down the fields, as the wind tears the eyes of teal


it makes no sense, to see all that unreal
disappearing, sincere
not too long, as you blast the gong, for the last verse



stumbling feet go ahead, through the muddy slit
where is the rubber, where is the gum
ach let it go
delusion of surreal

what i don’t want to see, you will see
surreal doesn’t have to be, a dream