these boots are made for………. and so we did
noise over noise 
inside more noise
need to get away from it
can't work like this
25 kilo metres 
searching for 
other sounds
on the edge of
here we go
dark and cold
scooter stink scooter noise, now there should go subsidies to electric scooters much better much better they who can afoord electric cars do they really need subsidies 
solved one problem in my mind just in my mind while fleeing what can not be left
here we go
dark and cold

you know that feeling of
ultimate argument non winning sensations
now here comes the camera
excuse me 
what about them catkins ja
you are in macro mode ja
hey i am getting wet here ja
no win situation

once again
and again
under water what do you want to achieve 
with them spots them white spots
where did they come from in the first place
not inside my lenses my light focus shows something else 
and again

silence of water
music for mind
slowly certainly
coming and going
reflecting movement
let it be let it come let it smooth all away
hundreds of photos coming and going

suddenly Virginia Woolf flows by her shoes sink inside sand her pockets are filled with rocks her hair flows like waves over her facial expression just a moment out of hours reflecting in my mind her dead her books her words
3 women 3 timescales 3 livelihoods
1 movie hours away

like my mind hours flowing on water forgetting all what can not be left
leaving reality out of my mind like wolfs with dubble Osss
creating stories making lines of words over screams entering my mind
letting go of what lays behind entering what lays ahead in my mind just my mind not yours not his her lines are different than mine in offensive minefield going where insults solve into waterlines going where outrage sinks to bottomlines.

yep here an old place a new way

wave away

hours later words later images later
the certain need to go back

headache picking up
cold till the bones
legs numbing
battery low

almost too late for bakery almost not yet
so cakes and bread to celebrate hours
hours in solitude when creativity flows the best
now spending hours to fix it all inside my mind
creating my own words creating storylines
showing my vision 
what noise never will see
what hurry never will see
what concrete never will see

my studio

If you came this far to read what was written you might wonder i have lost my mind but no these are real feelings true feelings coming and going every day as i can not get used to city living inside a huge village but for dutch pricipes it is a village for me it is a city. To do what i do i need nature so need to escape.

My books are about just that in a certain way batteling against the stream in peace of mind.
Perhaps Virginia Woolf is the inspiration by the river.
More Virginia

None of the photos nor the poems will be published in the books they will stay unique for the books only, not for screens nor screams.



The first book is not yet finished but the second book is already in the making.
How we search for them words.
This time while doing the dishes, listening to music.
A real word flow came.

word flow

Somebody asked if we poets, still use notebooks.
Notebooks are for me well.
I could not write poetry without notebooks.


All of the notebooks will not fit in 1 photo.
I also could not write poetry without
dictionary as English is not my first language.
That makes it much more interesting as you can use the language
from a different perspective.
Creating a new expression in words.


A poem made in 2003
how i feel about the city
they call it concreet poetry
perhaps collage is better
exploring found pictures
with found words
to express a feeling

The very first poem was written in 1986
but will not show it
it was straight from the heart
looking for a place to be
it is the poem laying open
perhaps you can see it


the title of the next book will be
the above photo didn’t make it
yet it has something
and that something will be found
in words and

fOOt note

meaning of things

should one explain
the meaning of a picture
that meaning
your meaning
my meaning
our should one leave it open for many meanings


lets write with meaningless words

perhaps art is about
freedom to interpret art in any way you yes you
the observer the reader the audience
want to see to hear to read art
maybe not

research for a poem

deceptive nonsense
worthless nonsense
nonsense talk
written in artistic poem
making some sense
but not totally
as it uses words no longer used in the language of today
can you write a poem 
by using letters no longer used today

when a letter becomes a piece of ART

well i did
using words no longer used
my drawing skills are not good enough
for the beautiful letters
so old words 
in-between words of the time
no you will not read the poem here
but once you do read it
you find here a footnote
with the meaning of the words
as they are lost 
and forgotten
yet so beautiful

the title is ‘Taradiddle‘ which means senseless talk 

it is about ‘aquabib’ which means waterdrinker used 1731 – 1883
blateration‘ which means babbling used 1656 – 1864
nidifice’ which means a nest used 1656
‘dacryops’ which means the watery  eyes 
‘zucca’ which means gourd 
‘anaphia’ which means loss of sense
zaffre’ colour made with impure cobalt oxide
‘yelve’ which means garden fork used from around 1000 till 1886
‘Waratell’ is made up by the writer of the book and is a combination of two languages and has no meaning
(the words without a year are from a list of obscure words)


This footnote came into being after a long conversation with one of the editors, a more than 3 hours video call (corona you know)
To make the footnote in the book would look sad so there comes a link to this blog so people can read this if they want. 
In this way you can read the poem first without an explanation and than with it. Look at how your mind or your feeling will fill in the meaning of the poem.

Many of the photo are not straight away clear, you will ask yourself “what am I looking at” well they are all feathers. Together with my camera i can create a picture of what i see laying around. No explanation will be given and certainly not my own secret ways of creating them photos.

like this one which is not a feather but still found it laying around


Writers flOW

transcendent misty
write it says
so write
real writers flOW
river edging
canal acting river
an other vision

ducking away
eared rushing
willow wind
a key
towards a flow
over paper with pencil bow
rub nothing
it said
a drop on the fire

so far 21 photos with 8 poems need to write more but from 0 to 8 was Writers flOW