Wandering along the canals while wondering how to approach The Canal and River trust, I thought it would be good to make something to show them.  Willow grows along the canals and rivers naturally, most Willows like wet feet. While looking and thinking this surreal apple comes  floating along in the canal. So the idea for Float was born.

floating apple

Willow is such a brilliant material, you can make so many things with it.  It has evolved by creating lots of growing hormones, rooting powder used to be made from Willow. It grows quick back after cutting it back, even when you cut it back to the ground. Willow is on the menu for many animals so to survive all this eating it just grows.

float bridge

twisted willow knotted together

I made a Willow bridge by twisting some Willow branches together, which will grow one day as one. The surrounding branches were cut to make in a floating piece of art. Taking and giving while knotting the bridge together with jute. The knotting can be very relaxing almost like a therapy to work out all your problems in your head by drifting away  like the apple going where ever the streaming takes you.

float knot closeup

closeup from the knot

The towpath along the canal has a walking trail called the Weavers Way. So the Willow branches were woven into a kind of fence. An Apple would have been lovely but hard to make into a drifting poem. Now the poem would be a problem which material to use to make it float, a floating poem as part of my many land-art poems. I use slate to write on but is a bit heavy.

willow weaving

The poem became a Haiku with 5-7-5 syllabus in 3 lines.


for a better mood

drifting to solitude

an apple moves

float with apple

Autumn created one big drifting circus on the canal with fallen leaves. Float with leaves and apple into the water but leaves and apple float faster than willow and slate.  The apple became a party for the geese, how to eat a floating apple.

float geese


geese party




apple gone

Leaves and float did meet again at the lock, than some final preparations to make the float look more like a boat and the final FLOAT floats away on the canal.

float in leaves at sluis/lock

float at the lock


floating land art



final float

the string to stop it from floating out of control *_*

The Canal and River Trust and boater will not like to see more debris floating in the water. The propellers on the boat get stuck with all these bits and pieces around them. So Float ended up as a fence and in the future will become a living fence as the Willow starts to grow.

float als fence

standing strong as a growing fence

Willow is very good material for free trees to plant as land art for the Bridge project, it is like growing art material for weaving willow sculptures or arty baskets. No matter how much you cut it it will come back and give you more material for art.

float closeup



So became the beginning of planting land art with poems. Now put it all together for a good proposal towards the Canal and River Trust to get permission to do the work.
The material is free, my time is all for promotion of Wånderlust the floating gallery. I am therefor very hopeful to get the permission, to prevent that all them wonderful young trees will get mowed or trimmed to the ground.




floating where the wild roses grow
drifting along the edge of time
reflecting motion


Where the leave touches the stream
soft mirror moving into a motion of no direction
playing with words of an other showing
where movement sees no end

Sweet smell of relieve
the oak tree bongos against the white shadow of a dream
let it come, let it go
the white bones on a tow embankment
with no cash,   machine
a string quartet of dead reflection


The last flatter before becoming a meal
the food is in you
downsize a system under bridge four
Nothing but an Elder bush
see the sky falling in a stream of mud
floating life of planting a 1000 trees along the edge
every tree a sentence of a water dream
nobody can even break it as it flows away from any attempt


Every one want to see the picture, not the dot of a detail
getting a slight impression of a wild rose
swan antenne
well Caroline had that sorted
its all water under the bridge
as the tiller swings
she is in
rising slowly above bridge five
Close the doors Emmy


a new home a new life a new gallery in the making as the market made it impossible to be small we bought a boat and drifted into an other realm to start trading as artists, to who ever will pass by
this is the beginning of a making of a gallery, which is a home and a piece of art
we all will find a way, one day, to beat the system

touch gallery became WÅNDERLUST
dAbe Art will be steering her
sorry it took me so long to come back but the water took me and brought me
there were the wild roses grow



Wave pushing the visible, transparent, seaweed 
Rocks holding the seaweed, in their dance 
the tunnel underwater, showing a time without a notion 
no making of an imitation,

cave in the under water mountain
quickly rocking over stones, with a smile to
Charlotte the queen, of the world,
caught by the tide,
of a turquoise motion,
tiny sparkles, in the air,
like tranquil, moving action 
leaving all despair 
as, a floating dedication
the water coming higher still
not withstanding, any deterioration,

 red animal

Bending of a Rock 
collaboration of every drop
purling around a corner 
every ripple rolling up, 
The must have of an inside shell
gleaming sensation, of the sanded glass 
Yellow Wagtail on the dash
 as i blend into a rock surface 
flight before the click, of a screen/button/shutter

written impression before the tide

it finally bounces on the surface
Read a book,
yet they walk away to, later perhaps 

The seagull watches the shiver on the sky,
nobody could have seen it but the camera,
the never ending flow of feet makes me say
time to go.

Dedicated to an impression of a rock of Georges Seurat
the words melt into the vagueness of an undefined reality
it does not allow different distances to be simultaneously in focus they just pass by